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Will is a total nerd. He loves Joss Whedon, the Green Lantern, and doing funny accents while playing games on Xbox Live. He’s also an accomplished saxophonist and used to write the item descriptions in all the Pottery Barn catalogs. Will is almost as proud to be the newest addition to The Foundist as he is proud to be an Orange Man. Let’s go Syracuse! Connect with him through Google

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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job picking up dirt and dust. From customer reviews and personal recommendations, we’ve heard great things about the Dyson DC65 Multi Floor vacuum cleaner. So we decided to compare the Dyson vac with two other vacuum cleaners: the new Hoover Air Cordless and the Samsung Motion Sync. Here’s how they stacked up:

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

dyson dc65 animal


If you’ve been vacuuming with cheap dust-busters, the first time you use the Dyson DC65 will be pleasantly alarming. The DC65 will pick up so much dirt and dust you’ll be surprised your carpet is still sticking to the floor. What would normally take a few attempts, the Dyson DC65 cleans in one pass. The canister and filter are both easy to clean. The vacuum is also easy to maneuver, light and nimble.


The price is the major roadblock, and the cost goes up for each additional attachment. If you can spend that money on a vacuum, however, it’s worth spending that money on the DC65.  Pet owners might also have to consider the pricier model, The Dyson DC65 Animal. Also, if you have water damage, you can’t clean it up with this vacuum. You’ll have to call a pro, like Chicago Water & Fire Restoration

Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

hoover air cordless


The Hoover Air Cordless has significantly better suction than most cordless models. The brush has a separate on/off switch from the vacuum’s main power switch to vary your cleaning options. It comes with a handy headlight to illuminate darker corners. The battery charges quickly and each charge can last for nearly an hour of use.


The Hoover Air Cordless operates under the banner of “great for a cordless.” While it does excel for a battery powered machine, ultimately the suction and design is less than ideal. The suction is significantly less and its canister capacity about half the size of the other two models. 

Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung motion sync


The Samsung Motion Sync looks great. Its sleek canister, with a capacity of 2.2 liters, is the largest of the pack.  While not as strong as the DC65, it’s a powerful vacuum. Its built-in handheld vac is a great addition.


The Motion Sync is heaviest and hardest to maneuver vacuum we reviewed. The brush easily gets stuck while cleaning carpet surfaces and needs to be reset. Beyond the built-in hand vac feature, the Motion Sync seems very much indebted to similar Dyson models without the ease of use.

The Verdict:

We’re going with the Dyson DC65. It’s superior cleaning power is in a category of its own and it’s design allows for excellent maneuverability without sacrificing performance. It’s definitely a high-end vacuum, but the DC65 won’t leave you disappointed like the other models might.

While our minds are made up, be sure to take a look at the chart below and see which vacuum matches up best with your needs.

Dyson DC65 Review Table

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image: via NBC NEWS

After a long day of exploring Daytona Beach, a black bear decided to stretch out and get it’s bearings by lounging in a backyard hammock. The photographer, Rafael Torres, saw the bear climb into the hammock and take a 20 minute breather before heading back into the woods.

Bear’s must practice what they preach. In the immortal words of The Jungle Book‘s Baloo:

“So just try and relax, yeah cool it

Fall apart in my backyard…

And don’t spend your time lookin’ around

For something you want that can’t be found.

When you find out you can live without it,

And go along not thinkin’ about it

I’ll tell you something true,

The bare necessities of life will come to you.”

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If you love monkeys and hate remembering a hundred different passwords, you might have a problem. Every year, security website SplashData publishes a list of the 25 worst passwords on the internet. The list is made up of the most common and easiest to guess passwords.

More troubling than how easy these passwords would be cracked, is how unoriginal they all are. ‘123456’ and ‘password’ are 2013’s number one and two passwords, respectively. Others on the list include ‘abc123’ and just a bunch of 1’s. There are some fun and interesting ones like the trying-to-be-not-totally-lazy ‘password1’ and the ironic ‘trustno1’, but overall we need to step it up. This is a plea to the world to come up with more interesting and creative passwords. Take my password, for instance: ‘Jo$hGrobin4eva’ It’s fun, it’s complex, it’s what I use for everything! I mean… what I… don’t use for everything.

Here’s the top 25 for 2013:

1 123456
2 password
3 12345678
4 qwerty
5 abc123
6 123456789
7 111111
8 1234567
9 iloveyou
10 adobe123
11 123123
12 admin
13 1234567890
14 letmein
15 photoshop
16 1234
17 monkey
18 shadow
19 sunshine
20 12345
21 password1
22 princess
23 azerty
24 trustno1
25 000000

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Dr. Dre is a very rich man. He’s even more of a rich man than he was a few months when he was still a very rich man. In May Apple announced it was buying Beats, the best selling headphone company, from Dre and Jimmy Iovine for $3 billion dollars. Now, without having any time to pick out a decent yacht or seven, they’ve released a brand new pair of headphones: Beats Solo².

The Solo² is the successor to their wildly popular on-ear model, Beats Solo. While the Solo² isn’t made exclusively for billionaires, its $200 price tag is still a hefty cost. That’s why The Foundist is finding out if these new Beats are worth the bill. 

How It Looks

The Solo² has a slick, new redesign with a curved headband and fancy upholstery around the earcups. It comes in pink, grey, black, white, red, and a particularly sweet shade of blue. While the predecessor was iconic and stylish in its own right, the Solo 2 is a definite improvement.

How It Feels

The overall feel of the new headphones are natural and comfortable. The upgraded earcups fit more snuggly but keep your ears from getting too hot. While its more flexible headband is an improvement, some people may still find it uncomfortable for longer periods of use. Dre fans with weak necks can breath a sigh of relief though, The Solo² is a little lighter than the clunky original.

How It Sounds

Compared to older Beats models this is a huge improvement. Never the choice of the audiophile, Beats have traditionally sacrificed a full range of sounds and tones to boost the bass. Treble would pretty much disappear. Hi-hats would sound a room away. If you braved listening to non-bass heavy genres like folk or bluegrass, you were better off listening through laptop speakers. The Solo² is a huge step towards a well-rounded sound. It may not compare to other brand’s studio-quality headphones but the sound finally matches the price.

The Verdict

The new Beats Solo² look fantastic, feel pretty good, and sound alright. It’s a step in the right direction and a massive improvement, but ultimately you’ll be paying for how you look while listening to music that could sound better for cheaper.

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Drummers might be the world’s greatest multi-taskers. They’re hitting snares and smashing cymbals with both hands, while banging bass kicks and hi-hats with their feet. Unless they have a prehensile tail, there’s not room to do anything else – especially if it’s handling flying projectiles.

Weezer’s drummer Patrick Wilson managed the feat while playing a gig in Florida. He caught a frisbee in the middle of “Beverly Hills” without skipping a beat. Luckily an Instagram video caught the catch:

Weezer is touring all summer long. We would never recommend hurling things on stage, but it would be pretty sweet to see Wilson work a couple juggling pins into the act.

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There’s a new kind of label hitting the fashion scene and we ‘re not not talking about Chanel, Prada or Burberry. We’re talking about a line that’s designed especially for guinea pigs, called Guinea Pig Fashion (how original). Apparently designing outfits for pets is nothing new and there is even a university offering a certificate program in pet fashion. One thing the market has been missing though, is clothing designed for guinea pigs, which Tokyo-based designer, Maki Yamada has managed to corner. She has produced a line that includes clothing and accessories for the little rodents. With everything from hats to hair extensions to costumes she has your guinea pig’s wardrobe covered. Now all we need is a guinea pig stylist to set the stage, Rachel Zoe you interested?

[Photo : Guinea Pig Fashion]

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There are many things us ladies have on our laundry list of what we are looking for in a man: a sense of humor, a great smile, romantic etc. etc.  And now we might even be able to take the item “a guy with beautiful smelling underwear” off that list because it may become a standard thing. French Company, Le Slip Francais is working to develop men’s briefs that will contain micro-capsules that release a scent when the wearer moves. The scent is intended to last for up to 30 washes. Ladies get ready to be turned on by your man’s yummy scented underwear in the future!

[Photo | Shutterstock.com]



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These days you can find just about anything in a Hello Kitty-fied version. The icon even has its own Twitter with more that 150,000 followers, #kittyoverload.  From guns, to airlines to condoms the list goes on, and now another item may soon be added to that list, aka breast implants! While the Hello Kitty breast implants don’t exist yet, a whole lot of talk is going around that Sanrio may be looking to develop a way for women to get their breasts shaped like Hello Kitty. Don’t worry the image above is actually of Hello Kitty soap bars but who knows what Hello Kitty absurdity will be developed next. Stay tuned.

[Photo ; Source]


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May the best dildo win! Vegas has a new game to bet on which involves four battery-operated vibrators racing against each other. It is played with up to eight people in a 1.5mph race to the finish line. The sex toys are placed on a piece of paper and propel themselves forward. The first sex toy race was run by Fun Factory’s CEO, Frederic Walme and its creating quite a buzz (or vibration). If you don’t believe us just watch the video below. Gentlemen, start your vibrators!

[Photo : Shutterstock.com]

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There’s an app for everything these days, including app-controlled vibrating underwear. Yup, with this new technology you can arouse your lover down under with just a click of a button. The app is called “Fundawear” and was recently launched by Durex. The idea behind it is that you put on special underwear and you are able to ‘buzz’ each other in naughty places using the app. Check out the video below to see just how the ‘sexy’ technology works with your iphone. Talking dirty might have to change a little with all this technology – iTouch me baby!

[Photo : Durex.com]




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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job...