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If you don’t work in an office that allows animals, it can be pretty hard to leave your precious pets at home every morning. Those 8-10 gruesome hours at work, away from your beloved cat or dog, are brutal. You spend all day wondering if Spot has to pee or if dear Kitty Kitty has scratched a hole in your new leather beanbag. How is one supposed to be productive when there’s a pet sitting at home alone?

Because that’s no way to live, allow us to introduce you to iPet Companion. For a mere $35o-$395, you could score robotic toys that will keep your pets from going stir crazy. But wait, not only do the toys provide your pet with some entertainment–you can actually control the toy from your laptop. Genius, right? And to think you were going to pay someone $150/hour to help ease your pet separation anxiety.

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$300. Million. On pet costumes!? Gives the phrase “crazy pet people” a whole new meaning, right?

But before you laugh it off, think about this. If, instead of spending so much on Sparky’s McDonalds costume, you used that money to adopt endangered species from the World Wildlife Fund, there would probably be no more endangered species. $300,000,000 would protect:

– 18 million snow, leopard and cheetah cubs
– 12 million three-toed sloths
– 3 million bottlenose dolphins
– 120,000 pandas


Source: Time




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