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Ah, the diner. Some of the more pivotal scenes in television and film have been set in quaint diners with muted lighting, classic booth seating, apathetic servers, and (seemingly never-ending) steaming cups of coffee. Diners and cafes provide a sense of comfortable isolation — making for the perfect on-screen location when characters need to collaborate and scheme. Everyone is far too wrapped up in their own worries that no one is really paying attention to the gangsters, drifters, lovebirds, or even the time-hopping travelers around them. Here’s a list of the best diner scenes (OF ALL TIME) on both the big and the little screens.

The Sopranos

One of the greatest and most beloved TV shows of all time came to an end in 2007, but not everyone was happy about the closing scene. This episode has been reviewed, dissected, and analyzed, and it even won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. With as much drama and violence in the 8-year running show, the calmness and sudden cut to black of the final scene was jarring. What’s the deal with Tony? Is the show seriously just ending with the family settling in for dinner? WAIT… That’s it? Is that really… just… it??! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. OH GOD. THE SHOW IS ACTUALLY OVER. WHAT DO WE DO WITH OUR HANDS NOW?! WHAT IS MY LIFE

the sopranos season finale last scene at Holsten's diner

Twin Peaks

Who can forget Audrey Horne’s mysterious, hypnotic, and strange-but-bizarely-alluring dance in the Double R Diner? The diner was a hotspot for teenage angst — with Audrey (played by Sherilyn Fenn) swaying out her feelings about Detective Cooper and his coffee preferences. Fans of this classic 90’s murder-mystery saga can get caught up in the #spoopy series all over again sometime next year when 18 new episodes air on Showtime. The diner will be restored to its ’90s glory and Fenn, along with other original cast members, will likely get back to being their moody, mopey, secretive selves.


The moment when two versions of the same man meet for the first time and set off one of the more memorable action sequences in the film. As far as science fiction and depictions of time-travel go, this was one of the more original and memorable films. Besides its many praises and awards, Looper gave us the mushy, potatohead weirdness that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face as a young Bruce Willis.

Pineapple Express

I mean, where else are you going to eat a celebratory friendship breakfast after having dipped your toes in some extreme drug-dealing and murder and are waiting on your Bubby to come get you and your friends?

When Harry Met Sally

Can you believe that this romantic classic is over 25 years old? This infamous fake orgasm scene was filmed at Katz’s Deli on New York City’s East Houston Street. The table where the scene was filmed now has a sign above it that reads, “Where Harry met Sally… hope you have what she had!”

We’ll all have what she’s having.

Pulp Fiction

Here’s a fun fact about Pulp Fiction:

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Pipes come big and small, but when a big sound comes from a small inconspicuous pipe it is hard to keep the jaw hinge tight. Here are five little girls performing on big-name talent shows for a chance to shock and awe. Some of these future Beyonce’s and Jennifer Hudson’s bring serious sass and umphf to the stage, while others tender up the judges with an earnest streak of shyness. Regardless of how far along they are in the development of their inner diva, these five blossoming buds kill it, and we have no doubt they will flourish to the top of the charts.

1. French Caroline Sings Christina


2. Chloe the Mini-Carrie


3. Arisxandra Brings Her Voice within out


4. Beyonce Sounds like Rachel


5. Hard to Believe Anna Is 10

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Beyonce has kicked off her “Mrs.Carter World Tour” with quite a bang thanks to her nipply costume choices. The star took to the stage on Monday night in Serbia and donned her usual spandex and leotard look, only this time two golden boobs were staring back at the audience. On her second stop in Croatia another wardrobe change revealed a new costume also with golden nipples. The ‘Single Lady’ turned ‘Mrs. Carter’ turned ‘Mammary’ I mean ‘Mommy’ is definitely taking the topless effect to a new level. Faux-fur is out, and faux-breasts are in ladies! For more pics of Beyonce’s costume choices and golden nipple stands check out Celebuzz.

[Photo : Splash News]

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The moment all men have been waiting for: Charlize Theron in a sex tape. Well, don’t get too excited yet boys (and maybe girls) because the video is actually an April Fools’ Day prank from Funny or Die. This year FoD collaborated with the gorgeous star claiming to have hacked her phone when she visited their offices. From the looks of it Ms. Theron is clearly into some kinky stuff. Move over Kim K. and Paris, this blonde likes it FREAKY – just watch!

[Photo : Splash News]


Well it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve caught a glimpse of  Nicki’s naughty nipples. This time while filming a music video ft. Lil Wayne at a Hollywood mansion, her infamous nipples made an appearance. The wardrobe malfunction occurred during a scene in the jacuzzi, but no one around the star seemed too concerned. In fact they just kept rolling tape. With all these nip-slips we’re starting to think Nicki’s nipples may have a mind of their own. Watch the behind the scenes footage below as she films her new “Highschool” music video and catch the famous nipples, I mean Nicki.


Lady Gaga has a hot new pair of wheels. After receiving surgery on her hip, Gaga commissioned jewelry designer Ken Borochov to design a wheelchair to help her get around in style (featured above). Borochov had one week to design the chair, which has 24-karat gold wheel spokes and plush leather seats. Take note celebrity stylists: when your celebrity is injured you better make sure their mobility device is nothing short of fashion bling. At the current exchange rate, Gaga’s golden chair is worth about $2600 in gold weight and we’re pretty sure Gaga’s gold rush will have all her little monsters going gaga.


[Photo: Splash News]

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Just when we thought the Harlem Shake hype was beginning to die down, The Simpsons decide to jump on board. The viral dance video that began January 30th from an upload by blogger Filthy Frank has had everyone shaking, with an average of 4,000 video uploads to the internet a day. Last night’s The Simpsons show debuted its version of the Harlem Shake aka ‘The Homer Shake’. The famous song by Baauer begins with Maggie giving us an intro, and before you know it the whole of Springfield is ‘Harlem Shaking’ it. Perhaps the Harlem Shake has reached its peak with this cartoon family’s rendition, but you never know who could be doing it next!

[Photo: Shutterstock.com]

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FLOTUS got her dance on the other night, with none other than late night dancing man Jimmy Fallon. The pair appeared in a skit called “Evolution of Mom Dancing” – their own take on the “Evolution of Dance” viral video with more than 200 million YouTube views. In the stint, which was done to celebrate the third anniversary of MObama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, Fallon and Obama get down with popular dance moves like “the sprinkler”, the “oh my god, I love this song” and Michelle’s signature “dougie.” The only way to top this for next year is to have Hillary Clinton do a Harlem Shake video. HILLARY-OUS!

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The 2013 Oscars had us all buzzing about some new and, um, unique fashion statements. Between Anne Hathaway‘s nipply dress and Bradley Cooper’s mom’s sneakers, we were curious to see what was going to walk down the red carpet next. The fashion statement of the night, however, came very unexpectedly from Kristen Stewart (shown above), who rolled up with her latest accessory: a set of crutches.

While we loved the look, we definitely would’ve gone with a brighter color for the crutches – metallic grey is very last season.  The color also didn’t really compliment Stewart’s pale complexion. She could have also tried matching her jewelry  to the crutches to complete the look.

And we’re hoping to see some designers take heed and launch collaborations  featuring the mobility aid.  Just imagine: crutches covered in signature Missoni prints – or maybe some Jimmy Choo crutches that match your heels. We can’t wait to see what the crutch trend will bring – thank you Kristen!

But seriously, reports say that Kristen used the crutches after badly cutting her foot on some glass. The Twilight star was also a trooper and left the crutches offstage when she presented at the awards. We hope that RPattz will be back soon from filming in Australia to take care of his hop-along girlfriend!

[Photo: Instagram]


The next viral dance video sensation has arrived: it’s called the Harlem Shake – and we’re not just talking the hip-hop move from the ’80s. The video that started it all was a January 30th upload from video blogger Filthy_Frank,which included 4 people dressed in latex suits dancing to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” Within 3 weeks, 40,000 Harlem Shake parody videos have been uploaded, with over 175 million views. It has marked the end of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” craze (tissue, please) and led us to the new viral dance that’s sweeping the nation.

So exactly how do you make a Harlem Shake video? Well, it’s simple: you start out with one person disguised in a helmet or mask who kind of moves to the beat of the Baauer song, while everyone around him pays no attention. Fifteen seconds into the song, you throw in as many people as you can and everyone goes bananas, dancing and shaking like crazy.

The Harlem Shake has been performed across college campuses, at Google headquarters, on The Daily Show and even by cats and dogs. One of our favorite versions to date is this one filmed at Sea World. The best way to make sense of it is to just watch it. And if you haven’t partaken in one yet, you better hurry, because who knows what’s next!




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