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For some of us, Valentine’s Day is a day where we get to be spoiled by our other half with flowers and candy. For the rest of us, it’s one of the most miserable days of the year aka Single Awareness Day (S.A.D), which could also stand for Single And Dateless. Good thing we have John Goodman to bring some humor to the topic of love and heartbreak. In Funny or Die’s latest viral hit  A Love Saga With John Goodman, the actor tells a tragic love story about how a boy who falls in love with a fork – yep, the utensil! The heart-wrenching tale ends in tragedy (tissues, please!), but it’s the last line of the video that is perhaps the most powerful: Happy f#*cking Valentines Day!

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Leave it to the evil geniuses at YouTube to create a viral video out of a bunch of viral videos. (Mind f*ck, right?)The site recruited some of 2012’s favorite online stars, from ShitGirlsSay to EpicMealTime, to do a lip dub of “Gangnam Style.” Even PSY himself shows up. It doesn’t get more meta than this. And the remix is a YouTube mega-hit: Only ONE DAY after its posting, the video has close to 20 million views–and it’s still rising.

Click here to watch the video, and see how many of the following familiar faces you can spot:

PSY, Walk off the Earth, AlphaCat, KassemG, DailyGrace, MysteryGuitarMan, DaveDays, DeStorm, PyroBooby, BarelyPolitical, RealAnnoyingOrange, FreddieW, CorridorDigital, RhettAndLink, Smosh, FeliciaDay, ChesterSee, iJustine, EpicMealTime, MyHarto, JennaMarble, ShitGirlsSay, JuicyStar07, GloZell, ClevverTV, SmoshGames, HuskyStarcraft and RyanHiga.


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When a former Disney Princess and the man who really hates mothaf*$%in snakes come together during the holidays, shit gets real. In one of Funny or Die‘s more hilarious original shorts, Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway and Django Unchained‘s Samuel L. Jackson got into it about which of their movies is sadder. The result? A #sadoff where the two decide whether slaves or French prostitutes are more depressing—all while building gingerbread houses and sipping hot cocoa by the fire. You know, just like any normal Christmas. Below, some of our favorite lines, and click here to watch the NSFW video in full.

“The star of your movie had his own sitcom—on The WB.”

“It’s a f&*@in buzzcut. I haven’t had hair since Unbreakable.”

“When there’s a French whore in the White House, then we can talk.” “You say that like there’s never been a French whore in the White House.”

Everything with the gingerbread plantation.

“How many slaves do you know in Beverly Hills?” “Three!” “Oh, yea. We’ve got to do something about that, man. That’s just not right.”



C’mon Anne, you’re better than this. Did you learn nothing from Britney and Paris? At Monday nights’s eagerly anticipated Les Miserables premiere, the film’s star, Anne Hathaway, had a serious wardrobe malfunction as she emerged from her car. Now, we know there is the ethical matter of whether these photos should be released to the public, but, honestly? She was the one who chose to fly commando on the night of the season’s biggest premiere. Though we liked you as Catwoman, please keep your kitty cat under wraps, Miss Hathaway. Your ladybits aren’t going to land you that Oscar.

Scroll down for the NSFW photo:



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Throw some logs on the fire, pour some eggnog and turn up the… dubstep? For the second year in a row, an Idaho family has gone all-out Griswold-level with their Christmas lights—with one minor tweak.

The Cadger family set their epic 30,000 light show to Skrillex’s “Bangarang” and “Cinema.” And believe it or not, the odd pairing actually works. Proof? The video was uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago and it has already been viewed over a million times.

Watch the video here–skip to 1:50 to see things really get crazy.

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What happens when Jay-Z decides to make like us mere plebeians and ride the subway? We found out this week when Where I’m From, a 24-minute short documenting the rapper’s eight-night stint at the Barclays Center in September, was released online.

The biggest takeaway? Apparently, not everyone knows who Jay-Z is. Yes, Hova. One-half of America’s hip-hop royal couple. When the older woman next to him noticed the commotion and asked if he was famous, Jay’s humble response and sweet conversation prompted the interwebs to emit a collective “aw.” It’s nice to see that, despite the Dom Perignon and St. Tropez yachts, he’s still just a regular guy… worth $460 million.

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Remember the first time DMX Googled? God, that was amazing.

Well, the same people who brought you that magic moment made Christmas come early on Monday when they coaxed the growly rapper into singing the sweet holiday tune, Rudolph, the Red-Nosed ReindeerAnd he nailed it! Not only did he remember all the reindeer names, but he even added a cool beat.

The video obviously went viral, but the fun doesn’t stop there. One clever blogger took this new holiday classic and added it to video from the original “Rudolph” stop motion kids’ movie. The result is nothing short of a holiday miracle.

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Ah, bacon–who can get enough of it? Apparently, not the folks at J&Ds because they invented a new way to add it to your morning routine.

Behold, J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream. Yes, it’s bacon-scented shaving cream and yes it’s a real thing that sells for $15 a jar. Now if you’re wondering if it actually smells like bacon, it does. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got bitten by a dog on your way to work after using it.

Great or gross? You be the judge.

Get your jar here.

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Get the vodka ready! Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, Liz & Dick, premiered Sunday night and it felt more like a really long SNL skit than a dramatic biopic. Everyone’s favorite redhead-on-the-rocks tried her best to play screen icon Elizabeth Taylor, but it didn’t work out so well. Let’s just say, she did a better job driving her Ferrari on the Pacific Coast Highway–and we all know how that turned out–than she did acting in this film.

So in honor of Lilo’s latest #fail, we created an awesomely fun Liz & Dick drinking game. Set your DVR (cause you know Lifetime is bound to replay it), shake up a batch of martinis (Liz’s drink of choice), and print out these Liz & Dick Drinking Game rules. Yes, you’ll probably get as blacked out drunk as Lindsay on a Tuesday at the Chateau Marmont, but that’s all part of the fun!

Liz & Dick Drinking Game Rules

Drink whenever:

1.  Anyone wears fur.

2. Lilo’s accent goes faux British.

3. Richard Burton’s character gets drunk.

4. Liz and/or Dick are drinking.

5. There’s a marriage or divorce.

6. Lilo’s drawn on mole shows more emotion than her.

7. Glass is broken.

8. Someone throws something at a wall.

9. You see alcohol or a bar cart.

10. Someone buys jewelry.. or talks about jewelry.

11. You think Lilo looks better playing a 40-year-old than she does in real life.

12. You catch yourself thinking of at least 10 better actresses to play Liz Taylor.

13. Someone collapses.

14. You like an outfit.

15. Someone mentions alcohol, drugs, or fornication.

16. Someone talks about how old or fat Liz and/or Dick are.

17. You think you could have played Liz Taylor better than Linday Lohan.

18. You don’t know what year it’s supposed to be.

19. Lilo wears something on her head.

20. There’s actually a good line thrown in the mix.

Photo © Splash News




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