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The moment all men have been waiting for: Charlize Theron in a sex tape. Well, don’t get too excited yet boys (and maybe girls) because the video is actually an April Fools’ Day prank from Funny or Die. This year FoD collaborated with the gorgeous star claiming to have hacked her phone when she visited their offices. From the looks of it Ms. Theron is clearly into some kinky stuff. Move over Kim K. and Paris, this blonde likes it FREAKY – just watch!

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Watch out! This pair of KILLER Chanel heels could get you into some trouble. Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was arrested a couple of days ago at Zurich airport’s security checkpoint for carrying these babies in her luggage. The shoes are designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Madonna has also been known to rock the Chanel Satin Gun Heels. Gun laws may need some attention with these fashion weapons.


Well it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve caught a glimpse of  Nicki’s naughty nipples. This time while filming a music video ft. Lil Wayne at a Hollywood mansion, her infamous nipples made an appearance. The wardrobe malfunction occurred during a scene in the jacuzzi, but no one around the star seemed too concerned. In fact they just kept rolling tape. With all these nip-slips we’re starting to think Nicki’s nipples may have a mind of their own. Watch the behind the scenes footage below as she films her new “Highschool” music video and catch the famous nipples, I mean Nicki.

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At first glance these four little bottles may look like your staple nail polish set but think again – they’re actually highlighters! The cute set called Highstylers can be purchased for $7.95 on BaronBob.com. These office supplies will definitely be the ‘highlight’ of your stationery collection and for all the working gals – you can now highlight in style. Each set comes with a pink, yellow, orange and blue Highstyler. It’s practically a manicure for those boring notes and text books!


Lady Gaga has a hot new pair of wheels. After receiving surgery on her hip, Gaga commissioned jewelry designer Ken Borochov to design a wheelchair to help her get around in style (featured above). Borochov had one week to design the chair, which has 24-karat gold wheel spokes and plush leather seats. Take note celebrity stylists: when your celebrity is injured you better make sure their mobility device is nothing short of fashion bling. At the current exchange rate, Gaga’s golden chair is worth about $2600 in gold weight and we’re pretty sure Gaga’s gold rush will have all her little monsters going gaga.


[Photo: Splash News]

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This past weekend at the famous South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, the smarty-pants at Google showed up with their latest prototype: a pair of talking shoes. The motion sensing, “smart shoes” have an embedded speaker on the tongue that can talk to you if they sense you are being lazy, not moving enough or encourage you when you’re moving or exercising. The shoes were designed in collaboration with Adidas and can relay the information to your smartphone. For example they can tell you how fast you are moving.

Google has given new meaning to what the tongue of a shoe is meant to do with these smart sneakers, which is to smack-talk its wearer in this case. The shoes aren’t for sale but we’re wondering just how advanced the technology could get. Hopefully for most people the shoes won’t get too “smart” and be able to detect things like foot odor. Just imagine getting shouted at by your shoes saying, “Yo bro, your feet stink!” Nevertheless, sneakers just got a whole lot smarter thanks to Google.

[Photo: Google]

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These boots may at first appear to be myth just like the unicorns they are trying to emulate, but they actually exist! The shoes are sold by Oonacat on Etsy and are made to order and completely customizable. They retail for about $440 (a small price to pay for own hooves right?). But, don’t start galloping for joy just yet, because the boots do come with a warning note by the seller: “Oonacat is not responsible in any way for any harm done to those that wear these hooves, nor is Oonacat responsible in any way, to harm done to those around those that wear these hooves.” In fact, the footwear is so extreme that there is also a video to show you how to walk in your hooves. Lets just say, wearing heels will be a piece of cake after you try these babies on. So why not channel your inner unicorn and switch up your heels for hooves once in a while (just don’t break your neck).

No Russian language translation is needed to watch this “Hamster Trolls Policeman” video in order to get a laugh. The little mimicking hamster repeats whatever he hears as a man drives around in his car in Russia. When he gets pulled over by a policeman the little hamster continues to repeat what is said and it looks like he is back chatting the scary officer. The only thing more hilarious than the hamster giving it back to the policeman is that the guy driving the car is so amused by his little rodent friend that they almost look like best buddies. Watch as he sings and giggles with his BFF hamster.

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Eyeball over these lips for a few seconds and you’ll probably get a little ‘creeped’ out. Lets face it us girls love a new make-up trend but this is definitely one we hope NEVER catches on. The photo almost appears to be an inversion of the popular meme from 2005 known as Mouth Eyes where people placed their mouth on their eyes using photoshop and then uploaded the images. We found out the photo actually came from Swedish make-up artist Sandra Holmbolm who has even more crazy make-up tricks to check out..


[Photo:Horrifying eyeball lip art by Sandra Holmbolm]


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Just when we thought the Harlem Shake hype was beginning to die down, The Simpsons decide to jump on board. The viral dance video that began January 30th from an upload by blogger Filthy Frank has had everyone shaking, with an average of 4,000 video uploads to the internet a day. Last night’s The Simpsons show debuted its version of the Harlem Shake aka ‘The Homer Shake’. The famous song by Baauer begins with Maggie giving us an intro, and before you know it the whole of Springfield is ‘Harlem Shaking’ it. Perhaps the Harlem Shake has reached its peak with this cartoon family’s rendition, but you never know who could be doing it next!

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