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As we are gearing up in the final weeks before the Super Bowl, the great people at BadLipReading have gifted us with a hilarious interpretation of what the NFL was really saying this season. If you aren’t familiar with the BLR YouTube account, you’ve been missing out. They use their impressive skills to match often completely nonsensical phrases perfectly to the mouths of politicians, movie characters (The Hunger Games one is not to be missed) and musicians. Regardless of your chosen team – or if Beyonce’s halftime show is the only reason the Super Bowl is on your radar – when the angelic singing begins at the 0:47 mark, you’d have to be dead not to cackle out loud.

Click here to watch the video and get pumped up for the biggest game of the year.

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For those of you who don’t know who Tim Tebow is, he’s the super Christian quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Aside from being known for setting all the records as a college player at the University of Florida and winning the Heisman Trophy, he’s also famous for getting down on one knee and praying during football games.

His commitment to his beliefs is admirable, but it also makes for an awesomely hilarious Tumblr. Check out our favorite kids tebowing on Tebowing.





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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job...