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In other random news, Arch West, the man credited with creating Doritos, passed away on September 20, 2011. May he rest in peace.

Now here’s where things get weird. His family had him cremated, but also chose to bury the urn bearing his remains. Okay, never heard of burying an urn, but to each his own.

But wait, there’s more. At the funeral service, family members requested that guests toss actual Doritos chips into West’s grave. Really.

Call it a clever way to lighten the mood at a funeral (or to get rid of those stale Doritos sitting on top of the fridge). But we’re wondering: what snack would you want tossed in your grave? Me? Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn all the way!

Source: Reuters

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In response to what was intended as a lighthearted post about girls versus boys, one crazy commenter stepped way over the line with this one:

RE: #10 – um, ever caught (6-8yr.) DD in the bathtub with the faucet still running?? Boys don’t have the market on that one….

We actually have no idea what this commenter is referring to, but it sounds… dirty. WTH does a 6-year-old do in a bathtub with running water? Any ideas?

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Yes, I know we just told you that stocking was the new planking, but it’s already been replaced.

Thanks to Nicki Minaj, who recently tweeted this pic of herself in an icebox, fridging is the new “thing.” After Nicki tweeted her pic, Jersey Shore star Snooki tweeted her own fridging pic.

We’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before everyone is getting in their refrigerators and taking pictures. Fun.

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It was funny at first, but now we’re over. Stop finding obscure places to get horizontal because there’s a new way to prove you don’t have life: stocking.

In this, the latest photo craze, one recreates a random scene you’d find in a stock photo library. Overworked woman resting under her desk? Check. Mother and child looking lovingly into each other eyes? Check. The possibilities are endless.

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Last week’s East Coast earthquake may not have been strong enough to knock down buildings or even rattle subway riders, but it did manage to shake one thing free: the hoodest NYers we’ve heard in a long time.

While everyone else flooded Twitter and Facebook in response to the earthquake, I tuned into NY1. When they were reporting on the latest landmarks being evacuated and whether or not New York could really handle an actual earthquake, they were taking calls from the front lines. Yes, real New Yorks who felt the “erf” shaking underneath them. Here are just a few gems from yesterday’s broadcast:

“I felt the earf shakin.”

“I thought I was dying and sh*t.”

Ahh, New York. Got to love it.

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Otherwise, full price applies.

What’s unclear about this posting is not the extreme circumstantial disparity in the asking price for rent, but rather what this women means by “occasionally saw each other with no clothes on such as if we are getting out of the shower, etc.” Is the Craigslist poster asking that her prospective roommate simply be ok with nudity? Or is her request insinuating some sore of expectation of sex slavery?

Either way, it might be worth it to average to the two prices and instead rent an apartment as far away from the west village as humanely possible. I’m sure Far East Queens has no dearth of $1,050/mo studios.

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Meet Victoria Jones, the 23-year-old Welsh woman who reportedly stole baby pictures from someone else’s Facebook profile and used them to convince her ex he’d impregnated her. For real. (You think we could make these things up?)

Apparently, Jones wanted major revenge on this guy so she snagged pics of a friend’s baby. Problem is, she should have checked the little mutual friends box first. As luck would have it, when her ex showed the pics of his alleged new baby to a friend, the friend recognized the baby as someone else’s. Whoops.

Ms. Jones, who was a teacher, is now banned from teaching for 2 years.

Source: BBC




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