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The presidential debate Tuesday night was a little heated to say the least. What really got the social media world going, though, was Romney’s offhanded “binder full of women” comment which led to a social media phenomenon. This remark (a response to the question about equality in the workplace) became an instant source for the deluge of memes to come in the Twitter and Tumblr worlds.

In case you missed it and have no idea what all this craziness is about, I’ll give you a little recap. President Obama was asked the question, “In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?”

After Obama’s response, which no one remembers, Romney took a swing at it and his answer included this: “I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”

There you have it–binders full of women. And that’s when the parodies started flooding in. Those binders full of women brought social media users hours (and counting) full of jokes and laughs. During the debate, the Tumblr “Binders Full of Women” began to go viral. It’s pretty hilarious, as they are still updating it. It contains memes of plays on words and Romney with, what else, but binders full of women. Of course, McKayla wasn’t impressed.

Beyonce weighed in, though:

There’s also a Twitter accounts! The handle @RomneysBinder over 33,000 followers and over 1,000 tweets (in less than 12 hours? What?!). What’s even more surprising is that the account had over 12,000 before the debate even ended– social media jackpot. And of course, there are tons of Facebook pages and one has almost 136,000 likes.

And we thought the Big Bird thing was big.



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Today is International Day of the Girl!  And in honor of this date, which is set aside to advocate for girls’ rights and raise issues of gender bias, CNN asked some of the world’s leading women to find out: “Looking back, what one piece of advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?”

CNN chose women from all over the globe and in many different fields– we’re talking media, science, politics, culture, and sports! From Oprah, to Maria Shriver, to Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, to Maria Sharapova, these impressive women have some seriously inspiring advice to the 15-year-old versions of themselves. You have to check out them all out!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Make sure you continue to trust what you know now about yourself and stay true to what you believe in.” – Melinda Gates, Philanthropist, Co-Founder Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“Don’t be discouraged if there aren’t enough role models paving the way for you. Imagine the future as you want it to be and you will succeed.” – Cherie Blair, Barrister, Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

“Follow your dreams, always be yourself, never be afraid to show the real you and have fun; Always live in the present.” – Victoria Azarenka, Women’s World No. 1 Tennis Player

“Be spontaneous and improvise, both in your music and in your life.” – Vanessa Mae, violinist

Aren’t you inspired, already? Happy International Girls Day! Girl Power!

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There have been tons of reports over the last few days that the Facebook bug posting your old personal messages on your wall is a hoax. However, this morning Kristen and Liz from coolmomtech.com found some of their private messages from 2010 posted for everyone to see.

They were unable to cross check the public posts in the private message box, but they think the posts were not actually set to public. Until everything is confirmed we are playing it safe and following the tips to find out if Facebook has made our personal messages private (rude!) and hiding them… quickly! Here’s how:

1. Go to your Timeline

2. Click 2010 (and then earlier) from the right side

3. Look at “Friends 2010: # friends posted on Your Name’s timeline”

4. Hover or click the pencil (depending on your computer)

5. Select Hide From Timeline

(Repeat for previous years)

Every single private message sent is not being seen, but there were definitely a few mixed in with the public wall posts. Even though people really have to search for them, you don’t want your private messages made public at all… I don’t even want to see most of my own from before 2010! It’s probably embarrassing. Hopefully they will fix the bug and fix it fast!

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The University of Tennessee chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) has been suspended after a fraternity brother was sent to the ER early Saturday with severe alcohol poisoning. When he arrived, the 20-year-old with a blood-alcohol level “well over” 0.4% appeared to be dangerously intoxicated, unresponsive, and showing signs of physical (and possibly sexual) assault.  He was later discharged, but the big deal is that the hospital believed he ingested the alcohol by a method known as “butt chugging.”

Yes, this practice is as disgusting as it sounds. An individual basically “drinks” the fluid into the rectum with a tube. This alcohol enema’s effects come more quickly and potently than alcohol consumed in more traditional ways. What were these frat boys thinking? I guess I shouldn’t expect them to take the classy route, but this is insane– you don’t even get to taste the wine!

When the police arrived to the fraternity  they stumbled upon several students passed out in various bedrooms and bags from wine boxes scattered across the halls and rooms. They obviously determined other students had engaged in a similar form of consumption. A number of citations were given out to the frat boys, but no criminal charges have been filed. On Monday, Pike’s UT chapter was for 30 days by the fraternity’s internation headquarters, with the permanent status still pending while campus police investigate. Thirty days seems like a slap on the wrist to me.

This frat was previously suspended in 2008, when three pledges contracted staph infections after a hazing ritual on the bathroom floor. Ew. Way to keep it classy, guys!

via ABC News


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Sarah Silverman, the loudmouth comedian known for voicing her views about politics, often in the crassest way possible is at it again. Today,  she posted a video lashing out on the new voter fraud laws. Sarah believes that these laws will make it extremely difficult for certain demographics to vote in the upcoming election – which so happen to be leading supporters of Barack Obama.

Voters in at least 11 states are required to present a valid photo ID to vote, so voters most likely to be burdened by these new restrictions are Democrats. Among seniors and young voters, 18% don’t have valid ID and among African Americans, 25% don’t. She makes light of it by showing an older man trying to use his Social Security card that he has been using for years and getting denied. Followed by a wounded veteran trying to use his US Veteran card but cannot because it does not have his address. Keep in mind that comments about her vagina are randomly mixed in.

She also makes jokes about gun owners having no problem voting but students not being allowed to use their school IDs. “Some students…will not be able to use their student IDs to vote,” she notes, “but, and this is amazing, gun owners can use their firearm permits as ID to vote. It makes perfect sense: Get these kids gun permits! I feel safer from voter fraud already. She constantly makes stabs at the Republican party and calls out the State House Majority Leader in PA by showing a video of him saying that these voter restrictions would allow Mitt Romney to win the state.

Laughs aside, I agree that if someone were trying to steal an election, a voter pretending to be someone they are not at the polls is the last method anyone would choose. But couldn’t you have toned it down a little bit, Sarah? She is so specific in her delineation of voter fraud, but it just might detract from the message she is trying to give.  She does make me want to find out more with her shock factor, but I think I’m going take my chances when I head down to the polls in November. Maybe I’ll see Sarah there trying to vote for the incumbent?

Via: Let My People Vote 2012

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After the mayor of Yonkers, New York deemed some nondescript day in September “National Kardashian Sisters Day,” there’s truly a day dedicated to everything. Lucky for you, today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day, and Krispy Kreme  is celebrating. If you head into a KK dressed in head-to-toe pirate garb, you get a dozen free donuts! Don’t have a parrot to wear on your shoulder? No worries: you can always just talk like a pirate for a single, lonely free donut. You’re welcome.




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