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It may or may not be the best way to take a nap, but wearing the Ostrich Pillow is probably the best way to make people think they’ve stumbled into an eerily comfortable horror movie. Created by Studio Banana Things, the product is described as “neither a pillow, nor a cushion, bed or garment, but a bit of each all at the same time. It’s soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates both your head and hands, perfect for a power nap.”

With plenty of room for your mouth and nose and two hand holes to lock you into nap mode, the pillow admittedly seems comfortable. And as long as it gets the job done, does it matter that you look like a monster from a new Guillermo Del Toro movie? Seriously, the Ostrich Pillow may facilitate sweet dreams, but these pictures are going to give us nightmares.

ostrich pillow 6

ostrich pillow 2


Ostrich Pillow 4


ostrich pillow 5

Try it for yourself. Studio Banana Things sells the Ostrich Pillow for $99 and an Ostrich Pillow Light for $45.




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The year is wrapping up and 2013 is closing in! So far, 2012 has been unbearably exciting with Obama claiming his turf, Gangnam Style, well, everything, classy events in London (totes not fair they got Queen Eliz’s Jubilee and the Olympics!), talk of the end of the world, and Lindsay Lohan getting arrested again.. and again.. and again.

But seriously, who has time for worrying about that stuff when you can watch yourself enjoying the highlights of 2012? Aka your New Year’s Eve kiss, that epic bday party you don’t remember, crazy vacays, or just hanging out with friends on an idol Tuesday. There’s an app for that and it’s called Animoto. Simply, connect your Facebook to the app (so it can collect your pics) and then Animoto takes over: a dash of music, a pinch of love, a few words of inspiration, and out pops your “Best of 2012”!

Easy, right? Make your Year In Review here.


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There’s a new kind of label hitting the fashion scene and we ‘re not not talking about Chanel, Prada or Burberry. We’re talking about a line that’s designed especially for guinea pigs, called Guinea Pig Fashion (how original). Apparently designing outfits for pets is nothing new and there is even a university offering a certificate program in pet fashion. One thing the market has been missing though, is clothing designed for guinea pigs, which Tokyo-based designer, Maki Yamada has managed to corner. She has produced a line that includes clothing and accessories for the little rodents. With everything from hats to hair extensions to costumes she has your guinea pig’s wardrobe covered. Now all we need is a guinea pig stylist to set the stage, Rachel Zoe you interested?

[Photo : Guinea Pig Fashion]

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There are many things us ladies have on our laundry list of what we are looking for in a man: a sense of humor, a great smile, romantic etc. etc.  And now we might even be able to take the item “a guy with beautiful smelling underwear” off that list because it may become a standard thing. French Company, Le Slip Francais is working to develop men’s briefs that will contain micro-capsules that release a scent when the wearer moves. The scent is intended to last for up to 30 washes. Ladies get ready to be turned on by your man’s yummy scented underwear in the future!

[Photo | Shutterstock.com]



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These days you can find just about anything in a Hello Kitty-fied version. The icon even has its own Twitter with more that 150,000 followers, #kittyoverload.  From guns, to airlines to condoms the list goes on, and now another item may soon be added to that list, aka breast implants! While the Hello Kitty breast implants don’t exist yet, a whole lot of talk is going around that Sanrio may be looking to develop a way for women to get their breasts shaped like Hello Kitty. Don’t worry the image above is actually of Hello Kitty soap bars but who knows what Hello Kitty absurdity will be developed next. Stay tuned.

[Photo ; Source]


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May the best dildo win! Vegas has a new game to bet on which involves four battery-operated vibrators racing against each other. It is played with up to eight people in a 1.5mph race to the finish line. The sex toys are placed on a piece of paper and propel themselves forward. The first sex toy race was run by Fun Factory’s CEO, Frederic Walme and its creating quite a buzz (or vibration). If you don’t believe us just watch the video below. Gentlemen, start your vibrators!

[Photo : Shutterstock.com]

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There’s an app for everything these days, including app-controlled vibrating underwear. Yup, with this new technology you can arouse your lover down under with just a click of a button. The app is called “Fundawear” and was recently launched by Durex. The idea behind it is that you put on special underwear and you are able to ‘buzz’ each other in naughty places using the app. Check out the video below to see just how the ‘sexy’ technology works with your iphone. Talking dirty might have to change a little with all this technology – iTouch me baby!

[Photo : Durex.com]

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Introducing grass-grazed vodka! Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka is the world’s first pure milk vodka and we are udderly intrigued. Jason Barber is the dairy farmer behind the new alcoholic beverage, who decided to diversify the produce from his herd of 250 cows. Barber separates the milk into curds and whey and then ferments the whey into beer. The milk is then triple filtered using his secret blending process to produce milk vodka.

Unfortunately, the vodka is only available in the UK for now at £28.85 for a big bottle. It has been featured in British Vogue and is already gaining a celebrity following from the likes of Elizabeth Hurley and Daniel Craig. Now you can get your calcium from your vodka (just kidding). Moooo-ve over there’s a new kind of dairy in town and you’ve got to be 21+ to drink it (at least in America)!

[Photo : Source]

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Sat what?! You can curl your hair with a pitcher and hairdryer? Check out this video below on how you can get a head full of curls by spinning your hair in a jug. The gadget is called Air Curler and it attaches to (almost) any hairdryer. For just $14.99 soft, luscious curls will be yours apparently. At least if it doesn’t work you’ll have an extra pitcher for some Sangria or juice.

[Photo : Aircurler.com]


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It’s time to make your routine pooping experience extra special and sparkly with these Gold Pills. Coated in gold and filled with 24K gold leaf, these capsules retail for $425 and will literally make you poop gold. Once they work through your system, voila! You will have struck gold (in the toilet).

The pills are part of the INDULGENCE range from CITIZEN:Citizen and designed in collaboration with Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid. They are an ode to society’s obsession with fame, luxury and commodities and quite frankly we are still in shock that they are on the market. After stumbling across these little capsules we can definitely confirm s*#t just got a little weird (and gold).







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