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Ah, the diner. Some of the more pivotal scenes in television and film have been set in quaint diners with muted lighting, classic booth seating, apathetic servers, and (seemingly never-ending) steaming cups of coffee. Diners and cafes provide a sense of comfortable isolation — making for the perfect on-screen location when characters need to collaborate and scheme. Everyone is far too wrapped up in their own worries that no one is really paying attention to the gangsters, drifters, lovebirds, or even the time-hopping travelers around them. Here’s a list of the best diner scenes (OF ALL TIME) on both the big and the little screens.

The Sopranos

One of the greatest and most beloved TV shows of all time came to an end in 2007, but not everyone was happy about the closing scene. This episode has been reviewed, dissected, and analyzed, and it even won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. With as much drama and violence in the 8-year running show, the calmness and sudden cut to black of the final scene was jarring. What’s the deal with Tony? Is the show seriously just ending with the family settling in for dinner? WAIT… That’s it? Is that really… just… it??! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. OH GOD. THE SHOW IS ACTUALLY OVER. WHAT DO WE DO WITH OUR HANDS NOW?! WHAT IS MY LIFE

the sopranos season finale last scene at Holsten's diner

Twin Peaks

Who can forget Audrey Horne’s mysterious, hypnotic, and strange-but-bizarely-alluring dance in the Double R Diner? The diner was a hotspot for teenage angst — with Audrey (played by Sherilyn Fenn) swaying out her feelings about Detective Cooper and his coffee preferences. Fans of this classic 90’s murder-mystery saga can get caught up in the #spoopy series all over again sometime next year when 18 new episodes air on Showtime. The diner will be restored to its ’90s glory and Fenn, along with other original cast members, will likely get back to being their moody, mopey, secretive selves.


The moment when two versions of the same man meet for the first time and set off one of the more memorable action sequences in the film. As far as science fiction and depictions of time-travel go, this was one of the more original and memorable films. Besides its many praises and awards, Looper gave us the mushy, potatohead weirdness that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face as a young Bruce Willis.

Pineapple Express

I mean, where else are you going to eat a celebratory friendship breakfast after having dipped your toes in some extreme drug-dealing and murder and are waiting on your Bubby to come get you and your friends?

When Harry Met Sally

Can you believe that this romantic classic is over 25 years old? This infamous fake orgasm scene was filmed at Katz’s Deli on New York City’s East Houston Street. The table where the scene was filmed now has a sign above it that reads, “Where Harry met Sally… hope you have what she had!”

We’ll all have what she’s having.

Pulp Fiction

Here’s a fun fact about Pulp Fiction:

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I drop my paper-thin iPhone, often. I would drop the shit out of that brick. His son might have breathing problems soon, and we’ll blame whichever family member stole this dude’s upgrade. (Source: reddit.com)


GOOD BOY. Dog’s are so much better than cats. Or are they… (Source: reddit.com)


“But the kitten is not my son.” -Meowchael Jackson

I’m sorry, that was bad. But this .gif…this .gif is perfect. (Source: reddit.com)


This is the USS Detroit, which launched on 10/18/14. My question is how many fish die in an event like this? The answer is either 0 or it’s somewhere over a thousand. There is no in-between. (Source: reddit.com)

It makes me so, so sad to see that Justin Bieber doesn’t absolutely suck at hockey. But never fear, just look at his hashtag rant underneath the video to remind yourself of how much you hate him. (Source: Deadspin)


And I feel manly when I back into a parking lot spot… (Source: reddit.com)


Watch closely: unless she has seen this .gif, she probably STILL doesn’t know this dude saved her life. (Source: reddit.com)


They’re reclaiming the earth from the robots! (Source: reddit.com)

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Robots are going to do to the human labor force what automobiles did to the need for workhorse labor – decimate it. Don’t even get me started on warehouse automation.


People who have the skill to program AI, or the wealth to own AI, have the most to gain. Meanwhile low-skilled workers will wallow in unemployment.

Source: w–ordless.tumblr.com


Nanotechnology will be weaponized. Imagine tiny, intelligent robots as pervasive as insects able to self replicate. It could get out of control. Fast.

Source – scientificvisuals.tumblr.com


Elon Musk should be taken seriously. He made electric cars desirable (Tesla) and injected new life into space exploration (SpaceX). He clearly has a firm grip on what technology is capable of. If he’s worried about AI, so should you.


“One can imagine such technology outsmarting financial markets, out-inventing human researchers, out-manipulating human leaders, and developing weapons we cannot even understand. Whereas the short-term impact of AI depends on who controls it, the long-term impact depends on whether it can be controlled at all.” – Stephen Hawking via HuffPo

Source: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver



Source: laughterkey.com


The Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, and Mass Effect (the best video game franchise of all time) predict a struggle between humans and machines. Machines don’t care about humans.


Source: thats-n0-moon.tumblr.com


Source: Reddit.com

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Amazon.com is a lot like the Amazon. It can be dangerous in more ways than one, but its beauty distracts from these potential perils. There are thousands of species of flora and fauna, or departments and products. In the Amazon there are cures for diseases. On Amazon there is a pharmacy aisle in the virtual grocery store. We buy everything from toilet paper to books online, thanks to Amazon’s reach. But we ask, how far does that reach extend? Pretty far, it turns out.

These are five items you’d never think to search for (but are available for purchase) on Amazon.com:

1. Bottle of Wine

Big shocker! A bottle of wine? But not just any bottle, folks. This is a bottle of the 2011 Pink Floyd the Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon. Pink Floyd wine exists? Apparently.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.00.42 PM

2. Taser

Not just any taser though—this is the iStun! It is an iPhone camouflaged taser. It looks like you’re holding a phone, but really you could jolt some criminal with serious voltage. Brilliant. And only $18.36.

3. Hidden Wall Safe

For those of us that like to be creative in every aspect of our lives, finding an unexpected place to hide money, keys, and jewelry is valuable. Enter: The mini-safe that looks like a real electrical outlet. It comes complete with a mini saw to install the vault in the wall. The best place to hide things is in plain sight.

4. Taxi Cab Light

Pretty straight forward… It’s a cab light, or a statement art piece for the house.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.32.54 PM

5. Crane

Yes, a crane. The kind you lift very large loads with. Granted, it isn’t the sort of machinery you’d see on the site of a skyscraper in-the-works, but it is still pretty impressive (and equally unexpected on Amazon).



In recent years, the ever popular “sock bun” has made its way onto the crowns of the savviest fashionistas. It is the perfect up-do for on-the-go mornings, second day hair, hot summer days, and dressing up any outfit. And because not every woman was built the same, we’ve decided to compile the best variety of sock bun tutorials here. Sock buns for women with thinner hair, shorter hair—you name it. These are our favorite Youtube how-tos.

1. The Basic Bun

This is the basic sock bun principle. If you have longer, thicker hair with less layers going on, this is how you want to approach the do. Timeless look in less than five minutes. Beat that.


2. For Those Rocking Shorter Cuts

I love bobs, but they get to be a hassle in the summer time when you want to get that last inch off your neck. They’re also problematic when that dress calls for an up-do and you’re running out of pins and places to hide them. Enter: Sock bun. Now this tutorial is actually three in one, but we only recommend the first tactic she teaches. The last two get to be too complicated and sort of defeat the purpose of a fast hairstyle.


3. Cascading Layers? No Problem

Layers are always (mostly) a good idea. They add volume, visual interest, … fly aways? That’s only true if you’re trying to pick up your hair, and in this case we are. Check out this Youtube contributor’s trick for tucking those rebel strands away.


4. For the Finer Heads of Hair

Some of us were not born with perfectly thick locks. We have to find ways around this, like how to hide a hair-part when getting our hair up into a pony tail or how to make that ponytail lift proudly. In this case, how to get the ponytail all the way around the sock without the donut showing in the end product. Brittany makes that look easy.

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If you love monkeys and hate remembering a hundred different passwords, you might have a problem. Every year, security website SplashData publishes a list of the 25 worst passwords on the internet. The list is made up of the most common and easiest to guess passwords.

More troubling than how easy these passwords would be cracked, is how unoriginal they all are. ‘123456’ and ‘password’ are 2013’s number one and two passwords, respectively. Others on the list include ‘abc123’ and just a bunch of 1’s. There are some fun and interesting ones like the trying-to-be-not-totally-lazy ‘password1’ and the ironic ‘trustno1’, but overall we need to step it up. This is a plea to the world to come up with more interesting and creative passwords. Take my password, for instance: ‘Jo$hGrobin4eva’ It’s fun, it’s complex, it’s what I use for everything! I mean… what I… don’t use for everything.

Here’s the top 25 for 2013:

1 123456
2 password
3 12345678
4 qwerty
5 abc123
6 123456789
7 111111
8 1234567
9 iloveyou
10 adobe123
11 123123
12 admin
13 1234567890
14 letmein
15 photoshop
16 1234
17 monkey
18 shadow
19 sunshine
20 12345
21 password1
22 princess
23 azerty
24 trustno1
25 000000

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Pipes come big and small, but when a big sound comes from a small inconspicuous pipe it is hard to keep the jaw hinge tight. Here are five little girls performing on big-name talent shows for a chance to shock and awe. Some of these future Beyonce’s and Jennifer Hudson’s bring serious sass and umphf to the stage, while others tender up the judges with an earnest streak of shyness. Regardless of how far along they are in the development of their inner diva, these five blossoming buds kill it, and we have no doubt they will flourish to the top of the charts.

1. French Caroline Sings Christina


2. Chloe the Mini-Carrie


3. Arisxandra Brings Her Voice within out


4. Beyonce Sounds like Rachel


5. Hard to Believe Anna Is 10

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It’s the time of year again! Are you frantically searching for the perfect Halloween costume idea so that you will be this year’s Best Dressed at the party?

According to a National Retail Federation survey, 2012 is set to be a record-breaking year for Halloween celebrators. More Americans are expected to get into the trick-or-treat spirit AND spend more money to celebrate the spooky season. What’s at the top of their to-do lists? Their costumes, of course!

There’s two types of Halloween costumes: most popular and most creative. NRF released a survey which pinpoints the most popular Halloween costumes for adults, kids and pets. That’s right, don’t forget to dress up Fido! Additionally, the survey asked consumers where they looked for costume inspiration. Retail stores, online searches and family and friends are still at the top, but the results show that social media sites are gaining an edge. The infographic below shows how the stats lined up.

So if you want to stand out this year, avoid these costumes – you’re not going to land Best Dressed at the costume party in a witch outfit! It can be overwhelming and stressful; a boring costume could be Halloween suicide. There’s tons of good material this year that will prevent you from becoming a social zombie. Need a little direction? Here’s the Best Halloween Costume Ideas of 2012 (which will totally score you the Best Dressed prize)!


Top Halloween costumes for adults, kids and pets in 2012 – Infographic




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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job...