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Ah, the diner. Some of the more pivotal scenes in television and film have been set in quaint diners with muted lighting, classic booth seating, apathetic servers, and (seemingly never-ending) steaming cups of coffee. Diners and cafes provide a sense of comfortable isolation — making for the perfect on-screen location when characters need to collaborate and scheme. Everyone is far too wrapped up in their own worries that no one is really paying attention to the gangsters, drifters, lovebirds, or even the time-hopping travelers around them. Here’s a list of the best diner scenes (OF ALL TIME) on both the big and the little screens.

The Sopranos

One of the greatest and most beloved TV shows of all time came to an end in 2007, but not everyone was happy about the closing scene. This episode has been reviewed, dissected, and analyzed, and it even won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. With as much drama and violence in the 8-year running show, the calmness and sudden cut to black of the final scene was jarring. What’s the deal with Tony? Is the show seriously just ending with the family settling in for dinner? WAIT… That’s it? Is that really… just… it??! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. OH GOD. THE SHOW IS ACTUALLY OVER. WHAT DO WE DO WITH OUR HANDS NOW?! WHAT IS MY LIFE

the sopranos season finale last scene at Holsten's diner

Twin Peaks

Who can forget Audrey Horne’s mysterious, hypnotic, and strange-but-bizarely-alluring dance in the Double R Diner? The diner was a hotspot for teenage angst — with Audrey (played by Sherilyn Fenn) swaying out her feelings about Detective Cooper and his coffee preferences. Fans of this classic 90’s murder-mystery saga can get caught up in the #spoopy series all over again sometime next year when 18 new episodes air on Showtime. The diner will be restored to its ’90s glory and Fenn, along with other original cast members, will likely get back to being their moody, mopey, secretive selves.


The moment when two versions of the same man meet for the first time and set off one of the more memorable action sequences in the film. As far as science fiction and depictions of time-travel go, this was one of the more original and memorable films. Besides its many praises and awards, Looper gave us the mushy, potatohead weirdness that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face as a young Bruce Willis.

Pineapple Express

I mean, where else are you going to eat a celebratory friendship breakfast after having dipped your toes in some extreme drug-dealing and murder and are waiting on your Bubby to come get you and your friends?

When Harry Met Sally

Can you believe that this romantic classic is over 25 years old? This infamous fake orgasm scene was filmed at Katz’s Deli on New York City’s East Houston Street. The table where the scene was filmed now has a sign above it that reads, “Where Harry met Sally… hope you have what she had!”

We’ll all have what she’s having.

Pulp Fiction

Here’s a fun fact about Pulp Fiction:

Towards the end of 2014 the worlds largest burger-joint, McDonald’s Corp., reported its worst U.S. sales decline in almost a decade. For U.S. restaurants open at least a year sales fell nearly 5% in December. Now, only a few months into 2015 and the super sized burger chain has continued to show a steady decline in sales. This February, it was reported U.S. store sales dropped 4% and nearly 2% worldwide.


McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese purchased in 1995.

The famed Clown & crews’ is struggling to compete with tofu-stuffed burritos and new-artisanal menu items from rival burger chain Wendy’s, yet some loyal fans of the 2 All-Beef patties-special sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickels-onions-on-a-seaseme-seed-bun are still flocking to the stores.

However, this time around customer are saving their food for later, years later. This past February two guys named Ed & Dean decided to save a leftover cheeseburger for 20 years!

Some research shows this could be another factor as to why McDonald’s sales are steadily falling. Customers, like this guy, are buying their favorite dollar menu items and burying them for a snack 20 years later. Why would you buy more cheeseburgers knowing you had hundreds squirrelled away? After all, winter isn’t coming.

To combat customers burying time capsules of snacks, McDonald’s is creating new menu items that actually decompose. Shamrock shake with Kale anyone? But hey, if anyone orders a 20-piece nuggets be sure to tweet @gregeezy, he’s got all the sauce for the next 20 years.

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We here at Trophy Awards have been reminiscing about the best thing to come out of the 90’s: TGIF. For the sake of arbitrary ranking, here are our favorite series and the awards they should have won.


Perfect Strangers

Award: Most Foreign


Oh, Balki…every girl’s favorite foreigner and every cousin’s worst nightmare. Of the 28 different shows available on ABC’s TGIF from 1988 to 2000 (there were lots of half-season series in the lineup), Perfect Strangers is the only show featuring a foreign character – unless you count the extraterrestrials from the 8-episode long Aliens in the Family.


Full House

Award: Best Sappy Music

   full house

“Everywhere you look (everywhere)

There’s a heart (there’s a heart)

A hand to hold on to.”

And that’s just the theme song. Full House ties with Perfect Strangers as the second-longest-running show in the TGIF lineup, though the show graduated to Tuesday night after two years of Friday family-friendly programming. Where Full House excelled was in crafting the most heavy-handed instrumentals to tie up emotional storylines. From boy problems to bad grades, Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse and “Uncle” Joey taught us that everything can be fixed with a violin and heart-to-heart talk.


Family Matters

Award: Most Urkel & Most Urquelle

family matters

The longest-running show on TGIF, weighing in at nine seasons, Family Matters took over the much-vaunted 8 o’clock slot when Full House moved to Tuesdays. The theme song is every bit as epic as Full House, so it comes as no surprise that both were composed by musician Jesse Frederick. The show follows the typical family sitcom format up until the fifth season when it absolutely blew our brains out. Steve Urkel, the nerdiest nerd that ever nerded, uses his scientific prowess to create “cool juice,” an elixir that transforms him into Stefan Urquelle, the sexiest, smoothest, anti-nerdiest man on Earth.



Award: Best Dark Comedy

dinosaurs small

Somebody explain to us why Dinosaurs lasted only four seasons but touched our lives forever? Second question: Did you know that the mama of “Not the mama” is the voice of Jessica Walter, aka Lucille Bluth?!? Dinosaurs was the 90’s Flintstones: prehistoric creatures living in a world of modern creature comforts. It was also, hands down, the scariest show that TGIF had to offer. Just five years after perfecting unsettling puppeteering in Labyrinth, The Jim Henson Company brought that same sense of wonder and weirdness to television audiences with the dysfunctional yet lovable Sinclair family.


Step by Step

Award: Most Sexual

step by step

The most successful TGIF shows have a common theme: cram as many family members into one house as possible and let the feathers fly. On Step by Step, it was painfully obvious that the way to get more family members was to make them. With sex.


Boy Meets World

Award: Best Love Story


It turns out that the Internet is filled with Boy Meets World fanfiction, just like our hearts are filled with love for Cory and Topanga. As with all TGIF shows, every episode has a “life lesson” moment in which Cory, Shawn, or Eric is shown the light. Boy Meets World taught home audiences to respect their elders (or at least their Mr. Feenys), to seek out family beyond blood relations, and to run head-first into true love. Whether you’re a curly-haired tween or a busty geek with humongous bangs, lifelong happiness is yours for the taking.

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I drop my paper-thin iPhone, often. I would drop the shit out of that brick. His son might have breathing problems soon, and we’ll blame whichever family member stole this dude’s upgrade. (Source: reddit.com)


GOOD BOY. Dog’s are so much better than cats. Or are they… (Source: reddit.com)


“But the kitten is not my son.” -Meowchael Jackson

I’m sorry, that was bad. But this .gif…this .gif is perfect. (Source: reddit.com)


This is the USS Detroit, which launched on 10/18/14. My question is how many fish die in an event like this? The answer is either 0 or it’s somewhere over a thousand. There is no in-between. (Source: reddit.com)

It makes me so, so sad to see that Justin Bieber doesn’t absolutely suck at hockey. But never fear, just look at his hashtag rant underneath the video to remind yourself of how much you hate him. (Source: Deadspin)


And I feel manly when I back into a parking lot spot… (Source: reddit.com)


Watch closely: unless she has seen this .gif, she probably STILL doesn’t know this dude saved her life. (Source: reddit.com)


They’re reclaiming the earth from the robots! (Source: reddit.com)

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Robots are going to do to the human labor force what automobiles did to the need for workhorse labor – decimate it. Don’t even get me started on warehouse automation.


People who have the skill to program AI, or the wealth to own AI, have the most to gain. Meanwhile low-skilled workers will wallow in unemployment.

Source: w–ordless.tumblr.com


Nanotechnology will be weaponized. Imagine tiny, intelligent robots as pervasive as insects able to self replicate. It could get out of control. Fast.

Source – scientificvisuals.tumblr.com


Elon Musk should be taken seriously. He made electric cars desirable (Tesla) and injected new life into space exploration (SpaceX). He clearly has a firm grip on what technology is capable of. If he’s worried about AI, so should you.


“One can imagine such technology outsmarting financial markets, out-inventing human researchers, out-manipulating human leaders, and developing weapons we cannot even understand. Whereas the short-term impact of AI depends on who controls it, the long-term impact depends on whether it can be controlled at all.” – Stephen Hawking via HuffPo

Source: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver



Source: laughterkey.com


The Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, and Mass Effect (the best video game franchise of all time) predict a struggle between humans and machines. Machines don’t care about humans.


Source: thats-n0-moon.tumblr.com


Source: Reddit.com

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Amazon.com is a lot like the Amazon. It can be dangerous in more ways than one, but its beauty distracts from these potential perils. There are thousands of species of flora and fauna, or departments and products. In the Amazon there are cures for diseases. On Amazon there is a pharmacy aisle in the virtual grocery store. We buy everything from toilet paper to books online, thanks to Amazon’s reach. But we ask, how far does that reach extend? Pretty far, it turns out.

These are five items you’d never think to search for (but are available for purchase) on Amazon.com:

1. Bottle of Wine

Big shocker! A bottle of wine? But not just any bottle, folks. This is a bottle of the 2011 Pink Floyd the Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon. Pink Floyd wine exists? Apparently.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.00.42 PM

2. Taser

Not just any taser though—this is the iStun! It is an iPhone camouflaged taser. It looks like you’re holding a phone, but really you could jolt some criminal with serious voltage. Brilliant. And only $18.36.

3. Hidden Wall Safe

For those of us that like to be creative in every aspect of our lives, finding an unexpected place to hide money, keys, and jewelry is valuable. Enter: The mini-safe that looks like a real electrical outlet. It comes complete with a mini saw to install the vault in the wall. The best place to hide things is in plain sight.

4. Taxi Cab Light

Pretty straight forward… It’s a cab light, or a statement art piece for the house.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.32.54 PM

5. Crane

Yes, a crane. The kind you lift very large loads with. Granted, it isn’t the sort of machinery you’d see on the site of a skyscraper in-the-works, but it is still pretty impressive (and equally unexpected on Amazon).


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Steven Spielberg killed a dinosaur

This photo of director Steven Spielberg has been causing controversy ever since Jay Branscomb posted it on Facebook with the following caption:

Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man.

The photo prank plays off the recent outrage incited by photos of Kendall Jones, the cheerleader/hunting enthusiast, posing with dead rhinos, lions, and leopards she posted on Facebook. The joke took on a whole other life, however, once people started thinking Spielberg really did shoot a Triceratops for sport.

To reiterate: People thought the present day Steven Spielberg killed a dinosaur. To clarify: the picture was actually taken in 1993 on the set of Jurassic Park. The Triceratops is, of course, not real. Here are some of our favorites comments:

They Thought Steven Spielberg Killed a Dinosaur:

Steven Spielberg, I’m disappointed in you. I’m not watching any of your movies again ANIMAL KILLER.”

“Disgusting! I bet he only kept the horns!”

“Disgraceful. No wonder dinosaurs became extinct.”

“He should be in prison.”


Many of the commenters claiming to be outraged that Steven Spielberg killed a dinosaur are clearly joking, but it does seem like many people were truly fooled by the picture. But who knows; maybe the biggest fools are the people who think other people are stupid enough to believe dinosaurs still walk the Earth.

It does make you wonder what other secrets the director may be hiding though. What other terrible crimes against nature could he have commited? Did he capture an alien and force it to act in E.T.? Did the shark from Jaws really get killed? Did he go back in time to start World War II so he could make the Indiana Jones trilogy!? Until Spielberg makes an official statement to come clean about all of these very serious allegations, The Foundist can only assume our wild accusations are true.


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These days, shoppers have a slew of options for finding merchandise online. Whether they order direct from retailers, or seek out third-party sellers, consumers have the ability to do their homework and find exactly what they need, from convenience to price to quality. For those seeking convenience and speed, Amazon is a great place to get your goods. Their Prime membership including free, two-day shipping is increasingly popular, and Amazon continues to make headlines as a direct threat to the convenience of big box stores. However, if your priority as a shopper is a great deal, you probably have to look elsewhere. Two places you should look are the main players in discounted goods—eBay and Quibids. The former is a longtime veteran of the web. The latter is a recent upstart with an interesting bidding model. Let’s compare the two bargain hunting sites across 6 key questions and see which one comes out on top.

1. Who has more deals?

Quibids entire pricing model is built on penny auctions. Each bid costs 60cents, but you are only raising the bidding price of the item by one cent at a time. This way, you can time your bids however you choose, with a live look-in on how many people are actively bidding on the item, so you can maximize your potential discount. Built into every auction is a “Buy Now” feature, which allows you to get the item right away after simply paying the difference between your bidding cost and the value of the item. Conversely, eBay has recently steered away from its days as an auction hub. Many more of its items are now “Buy It Now” only, without any chance to get a steal-of-a-deal through an auction. With fewer and fewer auctions, eBay is becoming a less enticing option for finding the deal you want.

Winner: Quibids

2. Who is more trustworthy?

Everything on Quibids is sold directly by them, achieved through overstock from distributors and manufacturers. As a BBB accredited business, you can be fairly confident that if you purchase an item, you will receive that item in brand new condition in a timely manner. eBay invites a large population of independent merchants to sell their goods on their site. It’s important in this case to verify their consumer rating and read any negative reviews left on their profile by dissatisfied customers.

Winner: Quibids

3. Who has a broader variety of merchandise?

The same feature of independent sellers that nags at a consumers trust when buying from eBay, is the same feature that works to eBay’s advantage in this case. With so many independent merchants, eBay trumps Quibids with its diverse offerings. If you have an obscure item that you simply can’t find anywhere else, your best chance of finding it is with eBay.

Winner: eBay

4. How does bidding work?

Both eBay and Quibids have automatic bidding options, which comes in handy when you have other pressing matters to attend to besides clicking a mouse. The main difference is that while Quibids has a maximum number of bids that you can autoload, eBay has a maximum price that you commit to pay if the auction reaches it. In this way, it’s more benefical to know your cost ceiling and then walk away, which is why eBay has the more favorable automated bidding system.

Winner: eBay

5. Who has better price stability?

With the ability to compare prices of the same product from different sellers, eBay provides consumers with the tools to zero in on an expected price for any given item. This way, consumers have a good sense of whether they got a bargain or not, relative to other identical transactions on the site (with sellers essentially stabilizing prices through natural competition).

With Quibids, it’s a lot harder to know how much you’ll end up paying for an item. During a recent auction, we noticed a memo line that states how much the item has been purchased for recently, with wildly varied numbers, from $0.08, to $14.00, to $36.95. The way the bidding structure works, it’s very hard to know exactly how much an item will sell for at any given moment.

Winner: eBay

6. Are there additional ways to save?

With eBay, there isn’t much else besides looking for the best deal or lucking out with one of the fewer and fewer auctions around. With Quibids, there’s a way to actually win additional bids through a thing called, “Gameplay.” Many auctions have Gameplay packages attached to them, and if you win one, then when you play the online game, it translates your score into free bids that you can use on actual items. With the Gameplay feature, there are additional ways to save money and earn purchasing power on the site for free.

Winner: Quibids

Verdict: TIE!

eBay: 3 Quibids: 3

Both eBay and Quibids have their pros and cons, as they both operate very differently. If you’re at all interested in getting good deals online, then we recommend trying out both sites to see which one fits your style and shopping needs the best. It’s an interesting online landscape, and these two players have certainly found unique ways to benefit bargain-hunting shoppers.

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Chewing is overrated. Why waste all that time and energy moving your mouth and gnashing your teeth when you can just sit back and let your supper slide straight down your throat? That’s why we’ve decided to throw out our forks and knives and pick up a brand new blender.

We decided to take a look at the KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender. It’s right in our price range and had positive customer reviews. We wanted to make sure it really was the best blender for our buck, so we took a look at two other similarly priced and rated blenders: the Breville Hemisphere® Control, and the Ninja Professional Blender. Here’s how they stacked up:

KitchenAid® 5-Speed Diamond Blender

kitchenaid blender


The KitchenAid Diamond Blender has a strong vortex and a solid blade that blends well without getting jammed or needing periodic pauses to push ingredients down. The secret is the blender’s Soft Start feature. The blades start spinning slowly to pull down the food before speeding up to blend. 

As the name applies, the 5-Speed Diamond Blender can stir, chop, mix, puree, and liquify. There’s a pulse button for each setting and a very effective crush ice setting as well. The Diamond Blender can even turn tough foods like kale, nuts, and berries into a surprisingly smooth consistency.

Though it has a large 60 oz pitcher, the Diamond Blender has a slick and compact design that feels retro but looks modern. It comes in 14 colors from majestic yellow to cobalt blue to contour silver. 


Though effective, it doesn’t quite have the power and finesse of a high-end blender. Unlocking the pitcher from the blender’s base can be difficult and frustrating until you get the hang of it.

Breville Hemisphere® Control

breville blender


The blender’s Permanent Hemisphere® Bowl and Blade System has a set of blades to draw down food from the top of the pitcher and another set sweeping the bottom of the pitcher. Like the KitchenAid Diamond Blender, the Hemisphere has five speeds and a pulse control. 

The 48 oz. plastic pitcher is rounded at the bottom. This both eliminates food traps and makes the piece easy to clean by hand. 

The timed smoothie preset button is a cool differentiating feature. Just press the button, sit back, and watch the smoothie make itself. With a sturdy metal base, the blender will keep secure and steady on your kitchen counter. 


While the blender works great, it may take some time to figure out how to handle certain foods. For instance: Frozen fruit will give the blender trouble unless you use the crush ice preset first.

At just under $200, the Breville Hemisphere® Control is the most expensive model we looked at, but doesn’t outperform the lower cost options. 

Ninja® Professional Blender

ninja pro blender


The Professional Blender has a huge 72 oz. pitcher, but also comes with two single serve blending cups. You can just pop the cup on the blender, make a smoothie or some juice, and take the whole thing with you out the door. Clean up is easy since all parts are dishwasher safe. 

The base has suction cups to keep the blender from moving around from it’s prescribed place on the counter or ceiling. 


The blade is super sharp and hard to handle while cleaning. There are also only three blend speeds. More doesn’t always mean better, but the Ninja doesn’t blend as smoothly and consistently as the other two reviewed blenders. 

The Verdict:

While the Breville Hemisphere is comparable in quality and the Ninja is a little cheaper, The  KitchenAid® 5-Speed Diamond Blender excels against the competition. It operates like a much pricier blender and looks good while doing it.

Take a look at our breakdown below and continue to see which blender works best for you. 

 Blender comparison review



A big black dog outside the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach has been causing quite a stir and the owner (aka artist) Richard Jackson is to blame. He has constructed a perfectly proportioned 28-foot  fiber glass and composite material sculpture of a dog lifting his leg up against the museum wall. The piece is titled “Bad Dog” and will remain until the conclusion of Jackson’s exhibition on May 5th. The best part about the sculpture is that the giant pooch is equipped to spray yellow paint onto the building.  At least the residents of the O.C. can be grateful that no poop scooper is needed … for now. This giant piece is definitely marking its territory in a big way!




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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job...