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At first glance these four little bottles may look like your staple nail polish set but think again – they’re actually highlighters! The cute set called Highstylers can be purchased for $7.95 on BaronBob.com. These office supplies will definitely be the ‘highlight’ of your stationery collection and for all the working gals – you can now highlight in style. Each set comes with a pink, yellow, orange and blue Highstyler. It’s practically a manicure for those boring notes and text books!

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The joke is almost too obvious to make here.  FaceChairs.com now sells chairs with seat cushions that feature the smiling mug of your favorite (or least favorite) celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Anna Wintour and Brad Pitt.

Look, this is definitely a funny idea, and we love the thought of sitting on Clooney’s face as much as the next girl (sorry, had to). It really just depends on how far you are willing to take that RyGos fan girl-ism.. or how bad that Vogue internship was 10 years ago. It’s your money.

The good news is that most of the chairs have now been reduced in price from the original hefty $950 to under $500. We won’t judge you… quite as hard now.

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We hear hats are in for men this year. And it might just be time for us to get on board, too.Milliner Eugenia Kim is leading the charge — her designs’ vintage vibe and quirky details have attracted a celeb following (Madonna and Nicole Richie are fans) and gained international attention throughout the past few years.


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Remember when Lil’ Wayne wore those Teddy Bear sneakers to perform on New Year’s Eve earlier this year? Well they were part of Jeremy Scott’s collection for adidas and one little endorsement from Wayne made the kicks hot commodities.

But Jeremy Scott isn’t stopping with the hipsters. He’s after pet people, too. Just check out this new ad for the sneakers:

So not only can you wear cheetahs and gorillas on your feet, but your puppy can, too. Awesome, right? Err, maybe not…

We’re guessing the sneakers aren’t actually designed for pets. But if you’ve always dreamed of a puppy and me look, here you go.

Source: Daily Mail

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Didn’t get your geek alert? Well Comic-Con went down this weekend in New York City and among the vendors there was WeLoveFine. They were there selling their famous characters tees, but those weren’t nearly as enticing as the giant bags the shirts were packed into. One side was adorned with Hello Kitty and the other side had two Sesame Street cupcakes emblazoned with the words Epic Noms!.

Don’t get it? Well it’s hard to explain just how epic the bag is. Let’s just say in a room packed with giant video game screens, incredibly elaborate costumes, and vendors selling everything from giant swords to ornate gowns, I got stopped at least three times by people asking where I got my Comic-Con epic noms bag.




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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job...