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Sat what?! You can curl your hair with a pitcher and hairdryer? Check out this video below on how you can get a head full of curls by spinning your hair in a jug. The gadget is called Air Curler and it attaches to (almost) any hairdryer. For just $14.99 soft, luscious curls will be yours apparently. At least if it doesn’t work you’ll have an extra pitcher for some Sangria or juice.

[Photo : Aircurler.com]


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Wow, they really have a way with words. Proactiv’s ad strategy is so cruel, but do you think it could be effective?

Most acne occurs during the teenage years, and teenage girls are the most sensitive about their relationship status. If you are/were a teenage girl, would you buy Proactiv to solve your problems? Or would you boycott this company because of the advertisement?

This ad is actually an older one from the late 90’s and it obviously worked. Proactiv doesn’t even need salespeople — they have vending machines.

All I have to say is, “Ouch!”


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In today’s scary science news, a company called Bio-Medical Research is now hawking a line of products onNordstrom that promises to “lift” your target areas (Tummy Lift, Bottom Lift, Arm Lift and so on). And if you’re not already scared off by the phrase “medical research,” consider that these $200 devices use Electronic Muscle Stimulation to get the job done. But don’t worry, they’re “FDA cleared” (is that a class below “FDA approved”?)… according to whoever writes the copy for Nordstrom.com.

Find out more about where you can get the $200 tummy tuck at SHEfinds.com

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Is it just me or is Serena Williams’s weave all jacked up?

I mean it’s fine on the ends, but what’s with that bald spot up at the top? Isn’t the point of a weave to make you look like you have more hair, not less?

Other than that, Serena looks good. Her outfit is cute, her skin is luminescent. But dang girl, you need a weave check!

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Ladies, start saving. Nose jobs are over; boob jobs are meh. Thanks, in part, to stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Pippa Middleton (?) the new plastic surgery du jour is… butt implants.

Like the popular plastic surgery procedures of the past, women claim that bigger butts will help boost confidence and make them feel more sexually appealing.

Considering a new butt? Are you thinking more Kim K. or Beyonce? Before you head to the plastic surgeon, let’s do some preliminary research:

Kim Kardashian


Serena Williams

Source: Female First

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There is a God. This entire week I’ve been seeing pics of Gwyneth Paltrow with her perfect blonde hair and her perfect ass in leggings. As if GOOP weren’t reason enough to despise her, she basically looks perfect every single time she’s photographed.

When I saw the pic above of her this morning, I immediately noticed her ridiculously flat stomach, her ever-so-cool style. What a way to start a Friday, right? But then, I saw this:

Yup! Gwyneth Paltrow has a zit!

And I know I shouldn’t take pleasure in another human being’s dermatological misfortune, but… who cares?!? Just saying Gwyneth Paltrow and pimple in the same sentence is totally rewarding.

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Because there’s an app for that. On Facebook, of course.

The good folks over at Rodan + Fields (yes, the same peeps behin Proactiv) just launched the Age-o-Meter tool on their Facebook page and it’s some scary stuff.

But also totally addictive.

This is me now:

And this is me in 26 years:

Yikes, right? They have the option to share the pic, but why on earth would you ever want to?

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Cool bottle, right? $3000 cool? I’m not so sure.

What you’re looking at is Thierry Mugler’s Angel Collector Superstar Eau de Parfum. It’s available and saks.com and yes, it really is $300.

Why? I do not know. Perhaps it is the 250 Swarovski crystals on the bottle or maybe it’s the fact that this “limited edition apparition of opulent luxury is exceedingly rare, with less than 100 pieces existing in the universe.” Either way, would you ever, under any circumstances, spend this much on a single bottle of eau de parfum?




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