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What happens when Jay-Z decides to make like us mere plebeians and ride the subway? We found out this week when Where I’m From, a 24-minute short documenting the rapper’s eight-night stint at the Barclays Center in September, was released online.

The biggest takeaway? Apparently, not everyone knows who Jay-Z is. Yes, Hova. One-half of America’s hip-hop royal couple. When the older woman next to him noticed the commotion and asked if he was famous, Jay’s humble response and sweet conversation prompted the interwebs to emit a collective “aw.” It’s nice to see that, despite the Dom Perignon and St. Tropez yachts, he’s still just a regular guy… worth $460 million.

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Get the vodka ready! Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, Liz & Dick, premiered Sunday night and it felt more like a really long SNL skit than a dramatic biopic. Everyone’s favorite redhead-on-the-rocks tried her best to play screen icon Elizabeth Taylor, but it didn’t work out so well. Let’s just say, she did a better job driving her Ferrari on the Pacific Coast Highway–and we all know how that turned out–than she did acting in this film.

So in honor of Lilo’s latest #fail, we created an awesomely fun Liz & Dick drinking game. Set your DVR (cause you know Lifetime is bound to replay it), shake up a batch of martinis (Liz’s drink of choice), and print out these Liz & Dick Drinking Game rules. Yes, you’ll probably get as blacked out drunk as Lindsay on a Tuesday at the Chateau Marmont, but that’s all part of the fun!

Liz & Dick Drinking Game Rules

Drink whenever:

1.  Anyone wears fur.

2. Lilo’s accent goes faux British.

3. Richard Burton’s character gets drunk.

4. Liz and/or Dick are drinking.

5. There’s a marriage or divorce.

6. Lilo’s drawn on mole shows more emotion than her.

7. Glass is broken.

8. Someone throws something at a wall.

9. You see alcohol or a bar cart.

10. Someone buys jewelry.. or talks about jewelry.

11. You think Lilo looks better playing a 40-year-old than she does in real life.

12. You catch yourself thinking of at least 10 better actresses to play Liz Taylor.

13. Someone collapses.

14. You like an outfit.

15. Someone mentions alcohol, drugs, or fornication.

16. Someone talks about how old or fat Liz and/or Dick are.

17. You think you could have played Liz Taylor better than Linday Lohan.

18. You don’t know what year it’s supposed to be.

19. Lilo wears something on her head.

20. There’s actually a good line thrown in the mix.

Photo © Splash News

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Mary-Kate Olsen was looking quite “kozy” with her older man friend  at the Friday Knicks game. The 42-year-old banker Olivier Sarkozy (yep, he’s related to Nicholas) brought hiss two kids to tagalong with him and MK, but that didn’t stop the PDA: they were kissing and cuddling like there was no tomorrow. But the photos of the couple are always pretty awkward–it appears that he’s holding her down while he goes to kiss her, and (it has to be said) he kind of reminds us of her Full House dad, Bob Saget here.

Olsen tells the tabloids that the couple’s 16-year age difference doesn’t faze her. “Everyone has an opinion,” she said. “I find it’s better to focus on what’s in front of you and to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

So that must have been what she was doing when she stepped out with Sarkozy and his young daughter earlier this year (see below). Which one is his daughter again? This photo is giving me a weird Danny Tanner vibe, too:



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WTF is going on with Britney’s hair? Did she shave her head again? It looks like she’s wearing a horrible wig.

So after looking into it, SHE IS! And Lucky Magazine took the heat for the poorly-received photo shoot. The pop princess’s loyal fan base was not a fan of this month’s glossy cover. What was the hate mail medium? Twitter, of course. They took the social networking site by storm, tweeting chastising comments like, “Did @britneyspears even show up for the photoshoot or did you just photoshop her face on a body?”

Ouch. Lucky responded by apologizing for disappointing some of their readers.

But it makes me wonder, what did her real hair look like that day?


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A celebrity experimenting with Gender Bending will probably either lead to an Oscar nomination or a Razzie award, because there’s a fine line between crossing successfully and being a gender bent disgrace. Odds are your favorite male celeb isn’t going to take the big step on the big screen. But if it just so happens that you want to see what he would look like as a female, this Gender Bender contest on worth1000.com  has you covered! The contest has ended, but you can still see what George Clooney would look like if he were actually Georgina. The website transforms a male celebrity into a female celebrity and the outcome is pretty interesting. You have to see the celebrity gender change! My favorite is obviously Brangelina!


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The newlywed is so excited to be married! Justin Timberlake went straight from jumping on the cover of People to jumping Gangnam Style right beside the one and only Psy.

JT has been all over the place since tying the know with Jessica Biel. From outer space to traveling back in time to Princess Di’s wedding, he’s been busy.. did he even have time for a honeymoon before he hopped on the meme train?

Check out all the cool places the Justin Timberlake Jumping Meme has been.

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Ever since Rachel Green Jennifer Aniston split from Brad Pitt, it seems like she was constantly falling on hard times, but the 43-year-old actress is officially engaged again: this time, to boyfriend Justin Theroux. Justifer, as they’ve been affectionately referred to as, kept the ring under wraps since they got engaged in early August, but Jen was seen proudly flashing it during a visit from her fiance on the set of her new film We Are The Millers. We hear the diamond, which spans the width of her entire finger, is a whopping eight karats. Anyone else thinking it has to be weighing down her left hand, right?

[via People]

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With her blue hair and short skirts, Katy Perry may seem like she’s the ultimate purveyor of all things tacky (hello, spinning candy nipples!), but it seems like the blue-eyed beauty is just pining for 90s nostalgia like the rest of us. The newly single songstress made a pit-stop in Tokyo to promote her upcoming movie, Part of Me, where she tweeted her new ahh-mazing Daria nail art by way of the ladies at ES Nails. That’s right. Katy Perry, the same girl that sang “California Girls,” knows who Daria Morgendorffer is. Talk about two worlds colliding…

Read more about the Daria mani at SHEfinds.com

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Sarah Silverman, the loudmouth comedian known for voicing her views about politics, often in the crassest way possible is at it again. Today,  she posted a video lashing out on the new voter fraud laws. Sarah believes that these laws will make it extremely difficult for certain demographics to vote in the upcoming election – which so happen to be leading supporters of Barack Obama.

Voters in at least 11 states are required to present a valid photo ID to vote, so voters most likely to be burdened by these new restrictions are Democrats. Among seniors and young voters, 18% don’t have valid ID and among African Americans, 25% don’t. She makes light of it by showing an older man trying to use his Social Security card that he has been using for years and getting denied. Followed by a wounded veteran trying to use his US Veteran card but cannot because it does not have his address. Keep in mind that comments about her vagina are randomly mixed in.

She also makes jokes about gun owners having no problem voting but students not being allowed to use their school IDs. “Some students…will not be able to use their student IDs to vote,” she notes, “but, and this is amazing, gun owners can use their firearm permits as ID to vote. It makes perfect sense: Get these kids gun permits! I feel safer from voter fraud already. She constantly makes stabs at the Republican party and calls out the State House Majority Leader in PA by showing a video of him saying that these voter restrictions would allow Mitt Romney to win the state.

Laughs aside, I agree that if someone were trying to steal an election, a voter pretending to be someone they are not at the polls is the last method anyone would choose. But couldn’t you have toned it down a little bit, Sarah? She is so specific in her delineation of voter fraud, but it just might detract from the message she is trying to give.  She does make me want to find out more with her shock factor, but I think I’m going take my chances when I head down to the polls in November. Maybe I’ll see Sarah there trying to vote for the incumbent?

Via: Let My People Vote 2012

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Justin Bieber may still be an adorable 18-year-old, but have you ever wondered what the beloved Beibs would look like once he’s 80? Well, sort of like Bill Clinton, if you ask me. Anyone care to bet on how long it’ll take Selena to break up with him after she sees this?






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