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There’s a new kind of label hitting the fashion scene and we ‘re not not talking about Chanel, Prada or Burberry. We’re talking about a line that’s designed especially for guinea pigs, called Guinea Pig Fashion (how original). Apparently designing outfits for pets is nothing new and there is even a university offering a certificate program in pet fashion. One thing the market has been missing though, is clothing designed for guinea pigs, which Tokyo-based designer, Maki Yamada has managed to corner. She has produced a line that includes clothing and accessories for the little rodents. With everything from hats to hair extensions to costumes she has your guinea pig’s wardrobe covered. Now all we need is a guinea pig stylist to set the stage, Rachel Zoe you interested?

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There are many things us ladies have on our laundry list of what we are looking for in a man: a sense of humor, a great smile, romantic etc. etc.  And now we might even be able to take the item “a guy with beautiful smelling underwear” off that list because it may become a standard thing. French Company, Le Slip Francais is working to develop men’s briefs that will contain micro-capsules that release a scent when the wearer moves. The scent is intended to last for up to 30 washes. Ladies get ready to be turned on by your man’s yummy scented underwear in the future!

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Beyonce has kicked off her “Mrs.Carter World Tour” with quite a bang thanks to her nipply costume choices. The star took to the stage on Monday night in Serbia and donned her usual spandex and leotard look, only this time two golden boobs were staring back at the audience. On her second stop in Croatia another wardrobe change revealed a new costume also with golden nipples. The ‘Single Lady’ turned ‘Mrs. Carter’ turned ‘Mammary’ I mean ‘Mommy’ is definitely taking the topless effect to a new level. Faux-fur is out, and faux-breasts are in ladies! For more pics of Beyonce’s costume choices and golden nipple stands check out Celebuzz.

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Watch out! This pair of KILLER Chanel heels could get you into some trouble. Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was arrested a couple of days ago at Zurich airport’s security checkpoint for carrying these babies in her luggage. The shoes are designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Madonna has also been known to rock the Chanel Satin Gun Heels. Gun laws may need some attention with these fashion weapons.

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At first glance these four little bottles may look like your staple nail polish set but think again – they’re actually highlighters! The cute set called Highstylers can be purchased for $7.95 on BaronBob.com. These office supplies will definitely be the ‘highlight’ of your stationery collection and for all the working gals – you can now highlight in style. Each set comes with a pink, yellow, orange and blue Highstyler. It’s practically a manicure for those boring notes and text books!

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These boots may at first appear to be myth just like the unicorns they are trying to emulate, but they actually exist! The shoes are sold by Oonacat on Etsy and are made to order and completely customizable. They retail for about $440 (a small price to pay for own hooves right?). But, don’t start galloping for joy just yet, because the boots do come with a warning note by the seller: “Oonacat is not responsible in any way for any harm done to those that wear these hooves, nor is Oonacat responsible in any way, to harm done to those around those that wear these hooves.” In fact, the footwear is so extreme that there is also a video to show you how to walk in your hooves. Lets just say, wearing heels will be a piece of cake after you try these babies on. So why not channel your inner unicorn and switch up your heels for hooves once in a while (just don’t break your neck).

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The 2013 Oscars had us all buzzing about some new and, um, unique fashion statements. Between Anne Hathaway‘s nipply dress and Bradley Cooper’s mom’s sneakers, we were curious to see what was going to walk down the red carpet next. The fashion statement of the night, however, came very unexpectedly from Kristen Stewart (shown above), who rolled up with her latest accessory: a set of crutches.

While we loved the look, we definitely would’ve gone with a brighter color for the crutches – metallic grey is very last season.  The color also didn’t really compliment Stewart’s pale complexion. She could have also tried matching her jewelry  to the crutches to complete the look.

And we’re hoping to see some designers take heed and launch collaborations  featuring the mobility aid.  Just imagine: crutches covered in signature Missoni prints – or maybe some Jimmy Choo crutches that match your heels. We can’t wait to see what the crutch trend will bring – thank you Kristen!

But seriously, reports say that Kristen used the crutches after badly cutting her foot on some glass. The Twilight star was also a trooper and left the crutches offstage when she presented at the awards. We hope that RPattz will be back soon from filming in Australia to take care of his hop-along girlfriend!

[Photo: Instagram]

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The Debates are heating up! I know I should be paying attention to President Obama and Governor Romney’s “conversation”, but I just can’t focus on that when I’m distracted by their wives’  attire! Please, someone tell me I’m not alone.

The big news of the final Presidential Debate? Michelle Obama REPEATED a dress! I, personally, love the message she is sending out to America- wearing the same Thom Browne dress she wore the second night of the Democratic National Convention last month — Michelle Obama can be JUST LIKE US! She knew the press would notice! Hello, they noticed her Tracy Reese obsession and stalked her blue-ish grey nail polish, and now she can show the world that she knows how to recycle, too!

Ann Romney took a step out of her comfort zone, as well! She started this campaign in cliche, First Lady attire.. snooze fest. At this last Presidential Debate, though, Ann donned a silk green top and cream & green silk pleated skirt. She looked very polished without trying too hard,  but, I’m sorry, does anyone else think she kind of looked like a 1950’s housewife??

So, (politics aside) what did you think of the Debates’ fashion? Are you a Michelle or an Ann?

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