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Just when we thought the Harlem Shake hype was beginning to die down, The Simpsons decide to jump on board. The viral dance video that began January 30th from an upload by blogger Filthy Frank has had everyone shaking, with an average of 4,000 video uploads to the internet a day. Last night’s The Simpsons show debuted its version of the Harlem Shake aka ‘The Homer Shake’. The famous song by Baauer begins with Maggie giving us an intro, and before you know it the whole of Springfield is ‘Harlem Shaking’ it. Perhaps the Harlem Shake has reached its peak with this cartoon family’s rendition, but you never know who could be doing it next!

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The next viral dance video sensation has arrived: it’s called the Harlem Shake – and we’re not just talking the hip-hop move from the ’80s. The video that started it all was a January 30th upload from video blogger Filthy_Frank,which included 4 people dressed in latex suits dancing to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” Within 3 weeks, 40,000 Harlem Shake parody videos have been uploaded, with over 175 million views. It has marked the end of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” craze (tissue, please) and led us to the new viral dance that’s sweeping the nation.

So exactly how do you make a Harlem Shake video? Well, it’s simple: you start out with one person disguised in a helmet or mask who kind of moves to the beat of the Baauer song, while everyone around him pays no attention. Fifteen seconds into the song, you throw in as many people as you can and everyone goes bananas, dancing and shaking like crazy.

The Harlem Shake has been performed across college campuses, at Google headquarters, on The Daily Show and even by cats and dogs. One of our favorite versions to date is this one filmed at Sea World. The best way to make sense of it is to just watch it. And if you haven’t partaken in one yet, you better hurry, because who knows what’s next!

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Psy taking over the world! First, he conquered YouTube, then he shut down the VMAs with MC Hammer and now Psy has his sights set on your holiday card.

Thanks to JibJab, you can now spread some holiday cheer by starring in the video that made Psy famous. Here’s what you do:

Upload your face (or anyone’s–we added our friend, Lindsay’s), add a message, and then JibJab does the rest. Within in a few short minutes, you’ll have your very own horsey dance video to spread holiday cheer! Easy, right? And it’s free, too!

Make your Gangnam Style eCard here.


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The newlywed is so excited to be married! Justin Timberlake went straight from jumping on the cover of People to jumping Gangnam Style right beside the one and only Psy.

JT has been all over the place since tying the know with Jessica Biel. From outer space to traveling back in time to Princess Di’s wedding, he’s been busy.. did he even have time for a honeymoon before he hopped on the meme train?

Check out all the cool places the Justin Timberlake Jumping Meme has been.

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It’s a simple equation: the color of your pants + the last thing you ate = your band name. Mine is Red Chilaquiles. Wait, is this how the Red Hot Chili Peppers came about?

Tell us yours in the comments!

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Not one of the lucky ones who made it to Coachella 2012 this past weekend? Well in addition to all the half-dressed chicks, you also missed Tupac!

You thought he was dead, right? Well, he is. But that didn’t stop him from making an appearance at the music festival on Sunday. Check it out:

Crazy, right? Even if you’re not a rap fan, that Tupac hologram performance had to give you chills.

And soon, maybe we won’t even need real musicians because techies can just use whatever they hell they did here and charge people to see representations of dead ones. #trippy




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