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There’s a new kind of label hitting the fashion scene and we ‘re not not talking about Chanel, Prada or Burberry. We’re talking about a line that’s designed especially for guinea pigs, called Guinea Pig Fashion (how original). Apparently designing outfits for pets is nothing new and there is even a university offering a certificate program in pet fashion. One thing the market has been missing though, is clothing designed for guinea pigs, which Tokyo-based designer, Maki Yamada has managed to corner. She has produced a line that includes clothing and accessories for the little rodents. With everything from hats to hair extensions to costumes she has your guinea pig’s wardrobe covered. Now all we need is a guinea pig stylist to set the stage, Rachel Zoe you interested?

[Photo : Guinea Pig Fashion]


The term ‘Doggy Style’ just got taken to a new level this week after some photos on Facebook surfaced of dogs wearing pantyhose as a new style craze. According to the online magazine Bullett, it’s a new ‘thing’ for dogs in China. The trend is definitely a little creepy and we’re not sure how PETA is going to feel about the pooch pantyhose, but never the less check out some more doggy hosiery weirdness here.

Dogs Wearing Pantyhose


[Photo : DIS Magazine]

No Russian language translation is needed to watch this “Hamster Trolls Policeman” video in order to get a laugh. The little mimicking hamster repeats whatever he hears as a man drives around in his car in Russia. When he gets pulled over by a policeman the little hamster continues to repeat what is said and it looks like he is back chatting the scary officer. The only thing more hilarious than the hamster giving it back to the policeman is that the guy driving the car is so amused by his little rodent friend that they almost look like best buddies. Watch as he sings and giggles with his BFF hamster.

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A big black dog outside the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach has been causing quite a stir and the owner (aka artist) Richard Jackson is to blame. He has constructed a perfectly proportioned 28-foot  fiber glass and composite material sculpture of a dog lifting his leg up against the museum wall. The piece is titled “Bad Dog” and will remain until the conclusion of Jackson’s exhibition on May 5th. The best part about the sculpture is that the giant pooch is equipped to spray yellow paint onto the building.  At least the residents of the O.C. can be grateful that no poop scooper is needed … for now. This giant piece is definitely marking its territory in a big way!

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If this video doesn’t bring you at least somewhat close to tears, then you are one cold-hearted mother-effer. Luckily, this story has a happy ending. After a small puppy got caught in a pipe, The Michigan Humane Society brought in plumbers and a Bobcat excavator to help the adorable pup, and the video has since gone viral. Great job to all the rescuers in Detroit. Lastly,  to all the cute puppies out there: stay away from pipes (the underground kind)!

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“A present for my cat ‘Rufus’. He began to resent me due to painful ear drops to fix an infection. I would return from work and he would run from me! Now the ears are better I wanted to do something to show my gratitude for his putting up with my torture. Rufus loves boxes as all cats do so this is what I made for him.”

What a hard life Rufus has!

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We’ve all heard of the the dog purse — the perfect accessory for the dog-loving fashionista on the go! But why let all the teeny tiny pups have all the fun? Thanks to Carmichael Collective, there’s a BIGGER and even better bag (made complete with wheels) for all the divas out there with large breed loves.

As funny as it may be, your K-9 is probably not celebrating this bizarre creation. He’s probably thinking something along the lines of, “Why would I want to ride around with you shopping when I could be running around in the grass or chewing something squeaky?”

Honestly, I’d rather be the one sitting in the big dog purse with the dog pulling me around all day! Just sayin’.

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The number of cute cats most definitely outweigh the number of cute dogs (sorry, dog lovers!), but these two labrador retrievers are certainly giving Maru a run for his YouTube fame. Remember when you were a kid, maybe pre-school-aged, and balloons seemed kind of like the coolest thing ever? Except for when they were filled with regular human-breath instead of actual helium, because that meant you were pretty much forced to pretend the floor was hot lava and the balloon would explode if it ever touched the boiling hot carpet? Yea, me neither.

These two pups are pretty much overcome with joy when they realize that they, too, need to save these balloons from lava-induced combustion. The result is nothing short of a-dorable!


[via Buzzfeed]

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In case you were wondering why the internet was invented, well, this is it, folks. At The Foundist, we spend a good part of our collective day searching the best cat videos on the web, because what else are you supposed to do during your 3 o’clock slump? Work? Nah.

We challenge you to get all the way through this video without —

1. Laughing hysterically

2. Crying hysterically

3. Having to explain to your co-workers what the hell you’re doing.



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Who says cats are the most intelligent pets?

We’re constantly on a seemingly never-ending quest to find the cutest pets out there, if only because they make the workday go by so much quicker, so we dare you to look at this ahh-dorable dog helping a little girl drink from the water fountain (on the first day of spring, no less!) and not squeal! If you think you have a more adorable — or more intelligent! –dog, let us be the judge and comment with a photo!

Not done procrastinating yet? Take a look at all of our pet posts. Happy Friday!

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