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No, that is not a stuffed animal. Yes, that is indeed a man holding a giant dog.

Why? Well, who knows really. But perhaps the little guy is just as scared as everyone else before a doctor’s appointment. Or maybe the floor in that place was filthy. Or maybe he just needed a hug.

Either way, that pic is simultaneously touching and terrifying.

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From now until January 22, guess what you can see at the Guggenheim? A suicidal squirrel. Really.

The display is part of the Maurizio Cattelan show and yeah, this is art? I thought it was bad when the woman claimed she would give birth in a gallery, but this is maybe even a little weirder because dude, is that squirrel real?? I hate them as much as the next New Yorker, but this is going a bit too far.

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Remember when Lil’ Wayne wore those Teddy Bear sneakers to perform on New Year’s Eve earlier this year? Well they were part of Jeremy Scott’s collection for adidas and one little endorsement from Wayne made the kicks hot commodities.

But Jeremy Scott isn’t stopping with the hipsters. He’s after pet people, too. Just check out this new ad for the sneakers:

So not only can you wear cheetahs and gorillas on your feet, but your puppy can, too. Awesome, right? Err, maybe not…

We’re guessing the sneakers aren’t actually designed for pets. But if you’ve always dreamed of a puppy and me look, here you go.

Source: Daily Mail

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If you don’t work in an office that allows animals, it can be pretty hard to leave your precious pets at home every morning. Those 8-10 gruesome hours at work, away from your beloved cat or dog, are brutal. You spend all day wondering if Spot has to pee or if dear Kitty Kitty has scratched a hole in your new leather beanbag. How is one supposed to be productive when there’s a pet sitting at home alone?

Because that’s no way to live, allow us to introduce you to iPet Companion. For a mere $35o-$395, you could score robotic toys that will keep your pets from going stir crazy. But wait, not only do the toys provide your pet with some entertainment–you can actually control the toy from your laptop. Genius, right? And to think you were going to pay someone $150/hour to help ease your pet separation anxiety.




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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job...