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Just when you thought you were over Whitney Houston’s death, Oprah comes out of the gate with what’s sure to be a tear-jerking interview with the singer’s daughter, Bobbi Kristini. The Oprah – Bobbi Kristina interview will air on OWN this Sunday at 9 p.m. EST, but here’s a sneak peek:

It’s gonna be good, right? So that gives you exactly 5 days to call your cable company and find out if you even have OWN since I know you haven’t been watching it.

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We wonder if Angelina Jolie had any idea the world would go this crazy for her leg. It’s been a while since’s she made out with her brother stirred up any controversy, so maybe she figured it was time to get back in the game.

Intentional or not, Angie’s leg has taken the Internet by storm. Don’t believe me. Check these out:

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So what’s a sorority girl to do when her “hot douche” boyfriend dumps her right before the biggest sorority formal of the year? Find a replacement, of course. On Craigslist.

Welcome to the first–of many–lessons from sorority girls. Yeah, they get a bad wrap for, well, being bitchy and hazing chicks, but they do a lot of good stuff, too. Community service is one of the pillars of sorority life and today, Christina, a member of USC’s Pi Beta Phi is doing just that. Here’s her lesson on how to properly use Craigslist:

1. Be specific. “Definitely over 6 feet (do not include height from hair).”

2. Use descriptive words. “Sharp and classic fashion sense (absolutely no bow tie aficionados–think Clooney).”

3. State your non-negotiables. ” Must have a strong dedication to hard partying (for an approximate 6 hour period).”

Yup, Christina was the unlucky girl who got dumped right before her sorority’s formal. But instead of pouting about it, she took to Craigslist–and sent her listing to Ryan Seacrest! The result? Derek Hough and Jason Kennedy have stepped in and offered to be her date. Take notes, people!

Source: ryanseacrest.com

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You know those people who are constantly checking their phones for emails, texts, Facebook notifications and tweets? It’s kind of rude that they can’t disconnect for a mere 45 minutes during dinner, right? Oh wait, that person is you? Yeah, well, when you’re checking your phone every 5 seconds like a complete spaz during dinner you’re kind of being an d*ck?

But before you get all down on yourself, there’s a solution! It’s called the “Don’t be a d*ck during meals” game and it was created by hip-hop dancer Lil-B.

The game is simple, really. Everyone puts their phone screen down on the table at the beginning of the meal. If someone picks up their phone before the bill comes, they have to pay for everyone’s food. If no one picks up their phone until after the bill comes, everyone pays for their own food. Sounds easy, right?


I challenged  my mother, who just might be the biggest d*ck during meals–after me, of course. As our phones buzzed and beeped throughout the meal, I watched my mom squirm in her seat and I was eyeing my phone the entire time. In the end, we both succeeded in not looking at our phones, but all we talked about during the meal was our phones.

Of course, this game serves a great purpose–it forces people to disconnect and actually talk to one another. Remember talking? Yeah! That’s still a thing people do.

One word from the wise: If you ever try this, turn off your cell phone before placing it on the table!

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On January 13, Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground into a reef and tipped over. They’re calling it the “Italian Titanic.”

The crash is no doubt tragic, but what’s even more devastating is the recording that came out between the Captain and the Italian Port Authority. Here is a translation… or what I imagine to be the translation if the Captain was a total spastic hypochondriac.

Coast Guard: Tell me if there are women and children and what help is needed.
Captain: Hang on a minute, my leg hurts, I just tripped into a lifeboat.
Coast Guard: What are you doing? Get back on the ship! Are you refusing?
Captain: No. I’m not. I’m just resting.
Coast Guard: Are you refusing to go on board? Why are you not going back?
Captain: I’m trying but there’s a life boat in the way! The traffic out here is horrendous.
Coast Guard: Get on board, that’s an order. You ordered a rescue, now I’m in charge! Get back on the ship! Now!
Captain: I did? Alright, alright stop schvitzing, I’m going.
Coast Guard: Get going, there are already bodies! Go!
Captain: Bodies? How many? I get queasy around shipwrecks.
Coast Guard: You’re supposed to tell me this, Christ!
Captain: You know, it’s just really dark out here. And I forgot my flashlight in the other lifeboat. I can’t see a thing!
Coast Guard: Do you want to go home because it’s dark? Get on the ship and tell me whats going on!
Captain: Isn’t this what you’re paid for? Jeez, you just can’t get good service anywhere anymore.




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