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Spotted in Miami, N.Y.C. and soon enough, in an inner city near you! Behold, the no sagging pants sign.

Don’t you kind of wish they sold these things in bulk? I certainly wish I could go around nailing one up every time I saw a little delinquent’s nasty drawers. I know you’re rocking the latest Louis briefs, but I’m sorry, I just don’t want to see them.

The same, however, goes for thongs. Pull your pants up people!


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This poster was spotted inside the Time/Life Building at Rockefeller Center, leaving several questions unanswered.

For one, who loses their child’s birth certificate? I’m no parent but I’m fairly sure that’s one of those things you file away in a locked cabinet, not bring in to show your buddies at office show and tell.

Secondly, does this parent even know their child exists? Maybe Time/Life was passively insinuating someone take a paternity test…

And last of course, was the baby actually born in the building? Sounds like an episode of I Didn’t know I Was Pregnant: Corporate Edition.




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