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There’s an app for everything these days, including app-controlled vibrating underwear. Yup, with this new technology you can arouse your lover down under with just a click of a button. The app is called “Fundawear” and was recently launched by Durex. The idea behind it is that you put on special underwear and you are able to ‘buzz’ each other in naughty places using the app. Check out the video below to see just how the ‘sexy’ technology works with your iphone. Talking dirty might have to change a little with all this technology – iTouch me baby!

[Photo : Durex.com]

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This past weekend at the famous South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, the smarty-pants at Google showed up with their latest prototype: a pair of talking shoes. The motion sensing, “smart shoes” have an embedded speaker on the tongue that can talk to you if they sense you are being lazy, not moving enough or encourage you when you’re moving or exercising. The shoes were designed in collaboration with Adidas and can relay the information to your smartphone. For example they can tell you how fast you are moving.

Google has given new meaning to what the tongue of a shoe is meant to do with these smart sneakers, which is to smack-talk its wearer in this case. The shoes aren’t for sale but we’re wondering just how advanced the technology could get. Hopefully for most people the shoes won’t get too “smart” and be able to detect things like foot odor. Just imagine getting shouted at by your shoes saying, “Yo bro, your feet stink!” Nevertheless, sneakers just got a whole lot smarter thanks to Google.

[Photo: Google]

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Technology is taking over our lives! With every generation comes more and more gadgets, phones, and techtastic devices that make it even harder for parents to grasp their kid’s attention. A home-cooked meal won’t even do the trick! Cue the quirky Apron Alert — Smart Design’s Interaction Lab created an apron that actually tweets the status of lunch out to the world!

You have to be joking me, right? Parents have been forced to use a “smart” apron to interact with their kids?

How does it work? It can sense when you put the apron on (aka begin cooking the meal) and when you have taken it off. The apron sends an automatic tweet or text message to let people know when the meal has begun and when it is ready.

I assume that kids think this invention is lame. But, hey, if parents want to give it try, I’m not judging. With the technology out there today, you have to do anything you can to get their attention. If a texting apron is the only way, so be it.

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Not one of the lucky ones who made it to Coachella 2012 this past weekend? Well in addition to all the half-dressed chicks, you also missed Tupac!

You thought he was dead, right? Well, he is. But that didn’t stop him from making an appearance at the music festival on Sunday. Check it out:

Crazy, right? Even if you’re not a rap fan, that Tupac hologram performance had to give you chills.

And soon, maybe we won’t even need real musicians because techies can just use whatever they hell they did here and charge people to see representations of dead ones. #trippy

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Okay, this is actually just a rendering from Italian designer Federico Ciccarese who is not affiliated with Apple in any. But even still, how cool? The curved back is awesome and it looks so much slimmer than the 4S. Don’t you already kind of want one?

Source: Mashable

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You know those people who are constantly checking their phones for emails, texts, Facebook notifications and tweets? It’s kind of rude that they can’t disconnect for a mere 45 minutes during dinner, right? Oh wait, that person is you? Yeah, well, when you’re checking your phone every 5 seconds like a complete spaz during dinner you’re kind of being an d*ck?

But before you get all down on yourself, there’s a solution! It’s called the “Don’t be a d*ck during meals” game and it was created by hip-hop dancer Lil-B.

The game is simple, really. Everyone puts their phone screen down on the table at the beginning of the meal. If someone picks up their phone before the bill comes, they have to pay for everyone’s food. If no one picks up their phone until after the bill comes, everyone pays for their own food. Sounds easy, right?


I challenged  my mother, who just might be the biggest d*ck during meals–after me, of course. As our phones buzzed and beeped throughout the meal, I watched my mom squirm in her seat and I was eyeing my phone the entire time. In the end, we both succeeded in not looking at our phones, but all we talked about during the meal was our phones.

Of course, this game serves a great purpose–it forces people to disconnect and actually talk to one another. Remember talking? Yeah! That’s still a thing people do.

One word from the wise: If you ever try this, turn off your cell phone before placing it on the table!

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In case you missed this hilarious spot on The Today Show this morning, watch as this adorable baby tries to finger her way through a magazine like one would an iPad:

What’s crazier? That a kid this young already knows how to use an iPad or that with one finger swipe she’s demonstrated how completely useless paper magazines are? It’s the end of old media as we know it…




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