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In short, yes.

As the folks over at Mashable so eloquently put it, you can’t protect your privacy rights with a status update. You may tech savvy, but the legal system isn’t.

So please don’t bother your friends with that ridiculously long post. It’s a complete waste.

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Starting tomorrow, March 1, 2012, Google will enact new privacy settings that will basically make your entire past, present and future search history public information. Yup, if your mom really wanted to, she could find out what you were searching, when and how often. Scary, right?

Now in the case of stopping stalkers and serial killers, it’s an awesome idea. But for the rest of us, it’s just annoying. I don’t want my boss knowing how often I google her.

You either? Well you can pause the sharing of your Google search history in just 5 easy steps.

1. Log into you Google/Gmail account.

2. Go to google.com/history.

3. Click Remove All Web History.

4. Click Ok.

5. Spread the Word!

Google’s privacy change goes into effect in just a few hours, so take care of your sh*t now!

via Bold Progressives

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We wonder if Angelina Jolie had any idea the world would go this crazy for her leg. It’s been a while since’s she made out with her brother stirred up any controversy, so maybe she figured it was time to get back in the game.

Intentional or not, Angie’s leg has taken the Internet by storm. Don’t believe me. Check these out:

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If you thought Pinterest was only for pics of pretty things you either (a) can’t afford or (b) can’t make, think again.

God only knows what that thing is in the pic above and no, it doesn’t get prettier the more you look at it.

via Pinterest

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Have you seen these floating around the Web lately?


The What People Think I Do / What I Really Do meme is taking the Internet by storm, but there are a few notable professions I’d like defined. For example, CEO? Banker? Hedge funder? WTF do these rich mofos do all day and how can I get in on it?

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It’s a scary world out there on the Internet these days. When you see all those articles about SOPA and PIPA, and virtual protests by sites like Wikipedia, one can only imagine what life would be like with limits and rules on the world wide web. Well wonder no more. Here’s a sneak peek at what wasting time on the Internet would be diminished to if SOPA and PIPA pass…

1. No more Tumblr. If we’re honest, most Tumblr users post amusing GIFs, photoshopped pictures, and content relating to their favorite shows, comics, movies, musicians, etc. With PIPA, none of that would be allowed. Tumblr would basically be posts from travel blogs and amateur photography, and where’s the fun in that?

2. No more watching whatever you want, whenever you want. What do you do when you can’t find one of your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu? You stream it or download it, both which are frowned upon under PIPA and SOPA regulations. With a more strict Internet, you won’t be able to catch old episodes of America’s Next Top Model or Pretty Little Liars. Even worse, you’d never be able to discover the greatness that is Breaking Bad? Yikes!

3. No more music on YouTube. Unless record labels give the green light, YouTube would essentially be devoid of all popular music. This includes all videos that use another artist’s song in the background and probably all of those videos that let you see lyrics. Didn’t Justin Beiber get his big break on YouTube? See what I mean? The opportunity for anyone in the world to express themselves via mashup covers of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/I’m Yours” would be gone.

This could be bad, folks. If these laws get passed, the Internet will no longer be a wonderful place to escape real life and procrastinate by looking at photoshopped images of movie stars and dogs.

Sign the petition to stop SOPA and PIPA here.

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Damnyouautocorrect has a lot of unspoken sub-genres: autocorrects that make it uncomfortable to look your parents in the face, autocorrects your friends will taunt you for until the day you die, and then, of course, there are the autocorrects that unintentionally end your relationships.

Yes, we’ll concede breakups are usually sad and dramatic, but it’s hard to find the humor in these. Behold, 5 amazingly funny autocorrect break-ups (that people were emotionally ready to post.

Count to ten before you respond.


Burned, with or without the grill.

Her relationship with the books was completely platonic.

Honesty isn’t always the best policy.




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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job...