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The year is wrapping up and 2013 is closing in! So far, 2012 has been unbearably exciting with Obama claiming his turf, Gangnam Style, well, everything, classy events in London (totes not fair they got Queen Eliz’s Jubilee and the Olympics!), talk of the end of the world, and Lindsay Lohan getting arrested again.. and again.. and again.

But seriously, who has time for worrying about that stuff when you can watch yourself enjoying the highlights of 2012? Aka your New Year’s Eve kiss, that epic bday party you don’t remember, crazy vacays, or just hanging out with friends on an idol Tuesday. There’s an app for that and it’s called Animoto. Simply, connect your Facebook to the app (so it can collect your pics) and then Animoto takes over: a dash of music, a pinch of love, a few words of inspiration, and out pops your “Best of 2012”!

Easy, right? Make your Year In Review here.


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May the best dildo win! Vegas has a new game to bet on which involves four battery-operated vibrators racing against each other. It is played with up to eight people in a 1.5mph race to the finish line. The sex toys are placed on a piece of paper and propel themselves forward. The first sex toy race was run by Fun Factory’s CEO, Frederic Walme and its creating quite a buzz (or vibration). If you don’t believe us just watch the video below. Gentlemen, start your vibrators!

[Photo : Shutterstock.com]

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Throw some logs on the fire, pour some eggnog and turn up the… dubstep? For the second year in a row, an Idaho family has gone all-out Griswold-level with their Christmas lights—with one minor tweak.

The Cadger family set their epic 30,000 light show to Skrillex’s “Bangarang” and “Cinema.” And believe it or not, the odd pairing actually works. Proof? The video was uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago and it has already been viewed over a million times.

Watch the video here–skip to 1:50 to see things really get crazy.

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What happens when Jay-Z decides to make like us mere plebeians and ride the subway? We found out this week when Where I’m From, a 24-minute short documenting the rapper’s eight-night stint at the Barclays Center in September, was released online.

The biggest takeaway? Apparently, not everyone knows who Jay-Z is. Yes, Hova. One-half of America’s hip-hop royal couple. When the older woman next to him noticed the commotion and asked if he was famous, Jay’s humble response and sweet conversation prompted the interwebs to emit a collective “aw.” It’s nice to see that, despite the Dom Perignon and St. Tropez yachts, he’s still just a regular guy… worth $460 million.

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Remember the first time DMX Googled? God, that was amazing.

Well, the same people who brought you that magic moment made Christmas come early on Monday when they coaxed the growly rapper into singing the sweet holiday tune, Rudolph, the Red-Nosed ReindeerAnd he nailed it! Not only did he remember all the reindeer names, but he even added a cool beat.

The video obviously went viral, but the fun doesn’t stop there. One clever blogger took this new holiday classic and added it to video from the original “Rudolph” stop motion kids’ movie. The result is nothing short of a holiday miracle.

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Psy taking over the world! First, he conquered YouTube, then he shut down the VMAs with MC Hammer and now Psy has his sights set on your holiday card.

Thanks to JibJab, you can now spread some holiday cheer by starring in the video that made Psy famous. Here’s what you do:

Upload your face (or anyone’s–we added our friend, Lindsay’s), add a message, and then JibJab does the rest. Within in a few short minutes, you’ll have your very own horsey dance video to spread holiday cheer! Easy, right? And it’s free, too!

Make your Gangnam Style eCard here.


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Apparently some peeps in Brazil thought it would be funny to scare the $h*t out of a few innocent elevator riders. And I cannot help but laugh hysterically when I see it! But, seriously WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? I already have a problem with elevators because of my mild claustrophobia, but add this freaky little girl and her equally freaky doll and I. would. die.


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Cue the warm, fuzzy feelings. Coca Cola has put security cameras to good use and captured little moments of people giving a little bit of their love. Coca Cola wants you to look at the world a little differently and notice all the kindness and bravery happening around you all the time.

What do you think of the campaign? Does it make you more likely to drink a Coca Cola now? Us neither, but the sentiment is nice.

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The bloody battle known as the election may FINALLY be over, but election night talk is not! What’s the main topic of discussion? Diane Sawyer’s slurs.. literally. If you missed election coverage on ABC News, you missed the cause of the the Twitterverse explosion! Of course the twitter handle @DrnkDianeSawyer didn’t get as many followers as the Romney’s infamous Binders Full Of Women, but people still talked (and for good reason).  The journalist not only cued nonexistent music and rambled her way through the program, Ms. Sawyer pronounced our President’s name as “Barack Orama” !  Either someone needs a nice long nap or someone started celebrating a little too early!

Judge for yourself, but I think she was a little schwasted.





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