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No Russian language translation is needed to watch this “Hamster Trolls Policeman” video in order to get a laugh. The little mimicking hamster repeats whatever he hears as a man drives around in his car in Russia. When he gets pulled over by a policeman the little hamster continues to repeat what is said and it looks like he is back chatting the scary officer. The only thing more hilarious than the hamster giving it back to the policeman is that the guy driving the car is so amused by his little rodent friend that they almost look like best buddies. Watch as he sings and giggles with his BFF hamster.

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Just when we thought the Harlem Shake hype was beginning to die down, The Simpsons decide to jump on board. The viral dance video that began January 30th from an upload by blogger Filthy Frank has had everyone shaking, with an average of 4,000 video uploads to the internet a day. Last night’s The Simpsons show debuted its version of the Harlem Shake aka ‘The Homer Shake’. The famous song by Baauer begins with Maggie giving us an intro, and before you know it the whole of Springfield is ‘Harlem Shaking’ it. Perhaps the Harlem Shake has reached its peak with this cartoon family’s rendition, but you never know who could be doing it next!

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FLOTUS got her dance on the other night, with none other than late night dancing man Jimmy Fallon. The pair appeared in a skit called “Evolution of Mom Dancing” – their own take on the “Evolution of Dance” viral video with more than 200 million YouTube views. In the stint, which was done to celebrate the third anniversary of MObama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, Fallon and Obama get down with popular dance moves like “the sprinkler”, the “oh my god, I love this song” and Michelle’s signature “dougie.” The only way to top this for next year is to have Hillary Clinton do a Harlem Shake video. HILLARY-OUS!

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Most of us ladies love a good beauty or fashion video tutorial. And there are plenty of them out there – from how to do a fishtail braid to how to create a smokey eye. But what happens when a tutorial goes horribly wrong? Thirteen year-old Tori Locklear found out the hard way in this video, which hit the internet just a week ago and already has almost 11 million views.

It’s less of a how-to video than a how-NOT-to tutorial on curling your hair. In the vid, now coined “Burning My Hair Off”, the very sweet teenager attempts to explain how to perfectly curl your hair with a curling iron.  She wraps her hair around the iron and then removes it to reveal what she hopes will be a perfectly curled piece of hair. Sadly, that isn’t the case. Thankfully hair grows back!


The next viral dance video sensation has arrived: it’s called the Harlem Shake – and we’re not just talking the hip-hop move from the ’80s. The video that started it all was a January 30th upload from video blogger Filthy_Frank,which included 4 people dressed in latex suits dancing to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” Within 3 weeks, 40,000 Harlem Shake parody videos have been uploaded, with over 175 million views. It has marked the end of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” craze (tissue, please) and led us to the new viral dance that’s sweeping the nation.

So exactly how do you make a Harlem Shake video? Well, it’s simple: you start out with one person disguised in a helmet or mask who kind of moves to the beat of the Baauer song, while everyone around him pays no attention. Fifteen seconds into the song, you throw in as many people as you can and everyone goes bananas, dancing and shaking like crazy.

The Harlem Shake has been performed across college campuses, at Google headquarters, on The Daily Show and even by cats and dogs. One of our favorite versions to date is this one filmed at Sea World. The best way to make sense of it is to just watch it. And if you haven’t partaken in one yet, you better hurry, because who knows what’s next!

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If this video doesn’t bring you at least somewhat close to tears, then you are one cold-hearted mother-effer. Luckily, this story has a happy ending. After a small puppy got caught in a pipe, The Michigan Humane Society brought in plumbers and a Bobcat excavator to help the adorable pup, and the video has since gone viral. Great job to all the rescuers in Detroit. Lastly,  to all the cute puppies out there: stay away from pipes (the underground kind)!

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For some of us, Valentine’s Day is a day where we get to be spoiled by our other half with flowers and candy. For the rest of us, it’s one of the most miserable days of the year aka Single Awareness Day (S.A.D), which could also stand for Single And Dateless. Good thing we have John Goodman to bring some humor to the topic of love and heartbreak. In Funny or Die’s latest viral hit  A Love Saga With John Goodman, the actor tells a tragic love story about how a boy who falls in love with a fork – yep, the utensil! The heart-wrenching tale ends in tragedy (tissues, please!), but it’s the last line of the video that is perhaps the most powerful: Happy f#*cking Valentines Day!

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As we are gearing up in the final weeks before the Super Bowl, the great people at BadLipReading have gifted us with a hilarious interpretation of what the NFL was really saying this season. If you aren’t familiar with the BLR YouTube account, you’ve been missing out. They use their impressive skills to match often completely nonsensical phrases perfectly to the mouths of politicians, movie characters (The Hunger Games one is not to be missed) and musicians. Regardless of your chosen team – or if Beyonce’s halftime show is the only reason the Super Bowl is on your radar – when the angelic singing begins at the 0:47 mark, you’d have to be dead not to cackle out loud.

Click here to watch the video and get pumped up for the biggest game of the year.

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Leave it to the evil geniuses at YouTube to create a viral video out of a bunch of viral videos. (Mind f*ck, right?)The site recruited some of 2012’s favorite online stars, from ShitGirlsSay to EpicMealTime, to do a lip dub of “Gangnam Style.” Even PSY himself shows up. It doesn’t get more meta than this. And the remix is a YouTube mega-hit: Only ONE DAY after its posting, the video has close to 20 million views–and it’s still rising.

Click here to watch the video, and see how many of the following familiar faces you can spot:

PSY, Walk off the Earth, AlphaCat, KassemG, DailyGrace, MysteryGuitarMan, DaveDays, DeStorm, PyroBooby, BarelyPolitical, RealAnnoyingOrange, FreddieW, CorridorDigital, RhettAndLink, Smosh, FeliciaDay, ChesterSee, iJustine, EpicMealTime, MyHarto, JennaMarble, ShitGirlsSay, JuicyStar07, GloZell, ClevverTV, SmoshGames, HuskyStarcraft and RyanHiga.


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When a former Disney Princess and the man who really hates mothaf*$%in snakes come together during the holidays, shit gets real. In one of Funny or Die‘s more hilarious original shorts, Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway and Django Unchained‘s Samuel L. Jackson got into it about which of their movies is sadder. The result? A #sadoff where the two decide whether slaves or French prostitutes are more depressing—all while building gingerbread houses and sipping hot cocoa by the fire. You know, just like any normal Christmas. Below, some of our favorite lines, and click here to watch the NSFW video in full.

“The star of your movie had his own sitcom—on The WB.”

“It’s a f&*@in buzzcut. I haven’t had hair since Unbreakable.”

“When there’s a French whore in the White House, then we can talk.” “You say that like there’s never been a French whore in the White House.”

Everything with the gingerbread plantation.

“How many slaves do you know in Beverly Hills?” “Three!” “Oh, yea. We’ve got to do something about that, man. That’s just not right.”





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