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C’mon Anne, you’re better than this. Did you learn nothing from Britney and Paris? At Monday nights’s eagerly anticipated Les Miserables premiere, the film’s star, Anne Hathaway, had a serious wardrobe malfunction as she emerged from her car. Now, we know there is the ethical matter of whether these photos should be released to the public, but, honestly? She was the one who chose to fly commando on the night of the season’s biggest premiere. Though we liked you as Catwoman, please keep your kitty cat under wraps, Miss Hathaway. Your ladybits aren’t going to land you that Oscar.

Scroll down for the NSFW photo:



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In short, yes.

As the folks over at Mashable so eloquently put it, you can’t protect your privacy rights with a status update. You may tech savvy, but the legal system isn’t.

So please don’t bother your friends with that ridiculously long post. It’s a complete waste.

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If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities manage to stay on their feet while walking in those sky high heels, well, they don’t. They trip and slip just like the rest of us and when they do, it’s awesome.

Of course, we never want to see anyone hurt, but there is just something so comical about the fall face. Behold, the four best…

Kourtney Kardashian

Salma Hayek

Jessica Simpson

Kim Kardashian

Ballet flats, ladies. Ballet flats are your friend.

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Looks like all that feminist talk finally earned him a good ol’ fashioned a$$ whooping…

Just kidding! That’s actually Ryan on the set of his new movie, Only God Forgives, and here’s hoping all of Ryan’s admirers forgive whoever made him look like this.

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Sure, it was a little weird when celebrities like Penn Badgely, Tim Robbins and Russell Simmons hit up Zuccotti Park in NYC to stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protestors. They’re effing rich–WTF do they know about the 99?

But you know what? Anyone who braves the stench and filth currently covering lower Manhattan certainly deserves some credit. Have you heard about the diseases germs circulating down there? Disgusting.

Maybe Jay-Z’s Occupy All Streets T-shirt would have been a bigger hit if he actually debuted them in the trenches. Instead, in the most epic celebrity fail of the week so far, Jay wore the tee in a glamour shot with Russell Simmons and announced he planned to sell them. And not donate a dime to the Occupy Wall Street movement.


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How else does one explain a grown woman–with a child–stepping out twice in one week without any pants on? Didn’t Britney Spears stop wearing pants just before she went over the edge?

I’d try to give Christina the benefit of the doubt and say maybe she thought those tights were actually leggings, but they cover her toes. There’s no way girlfriend didn’t know she was walking out of the house with just tights on.

Somebody–anybody!–get this girl a good therapist and pair of J Brands stat!

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Let’s break down Christina’s outfit. On top, she’s wearing a long T-shirt and a leather jacket. On bottom, she’s wearing stockings and Louboutins. What’s missing? Her pants!

Or even a skirt would suffice. But Christina, just because you’re wearing $800 shoes, doesn’t mean it’s okay to walk out the house without pants on. People will not be so enamored with your shoes that they conveniently forget to notice your pants are missing. Did The Voice bomb that badly that you had to choose between pants and Louboutins?

Consider this a warning. If we see Christina Aguilera and no pants again, we’re calling the authorities.

Also grounds for public shaming? Nude leggings.




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