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I drop my paper-thin iPhone, often. I would drop the shit out of that brick. His son might have breathing problems soon, and we’ll blame whichever family member stole this dude’s upgrade. (Source: reddit.com)


GOOD BOY. Dog’s are so much better than cats. Or are they… (Source: reddit.com)


“But the kitten is not my son.” -Meowchael Jackson

I’m sorry, that was bad. But this .gif…this .gif is perfect. (Source: reddit.com)


This is the USS Detroit, which launched on 10/18/14. My question is how many fish die in an event like this? The answer is either 0 or it’s somewhere over a thousand. There is no in-between. (Source: reddit.com)

It makes me so, so sad to see that Justin Bieber doesn’t absolutely suck at hockey. But never fear, just look at his hashtag rant underneath the video to remind yourself of how much you hate him. (Source: Deadspin)


And I feel manly when I back into a parking lot spot… (Source: reddit.com)


Watch closely: unless she has seen this .gif, she probably STILL doesn’t know this dude saved her life. (Source: reddit.com)


They’re reclaiming the earth from the robots! (Source: reddit.com)

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If you went to college, chances are you are at least semi-decent at the game of beer pong.  And, if you were hoping to pass along that skill to your offspring, here’s your chance. At a recent NYC toy fair, one of the stands was hawking a game called Bear Pong – essentially a giant version of beer pong with buckets in lieu of cups. Let’s hope the parents are opting for a different liquid than beer to fill those buckets. But seriously, what’s next? Flip cup for toddlers?




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With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it’s hard to tell which vacuums suck and which ones do not do a great job...